Walk and Wheel program

Start your day on the right foot. Walk, ride or scoot to school.

Our Walk And Wheel campaign encourages children to walk, ride, scoot, or skate to and from school at any time of the year to build healthy habits for life.

Walking to school helps them feel great now and can help lead to healthy, active lives into the future.

Getting active together

Getting active is even more fun when we do it together. Walking, riding, scooting or skating to and from school is a great way to connect with family and friends.

Part way is okay

If you can’t walk the whole way, why not try parking the car a few blocks from your school and walk, ride, skate or scoot the rest. Walk to School with your kids and enjoy the chance to talk and teach road safety skills while getting active yourself.

Active travel is great for our health, environment and community. It helps to reduce traffic congestion, save money on parking, connect with family and friends and even reduces air pollution. It can also make our roads safer by reducing traffic congestion in our community.


Check out our free resources, including a range of worksheets designed for simple, flexible and fun activities that can be used by parents, carers and teachers. Download or print off these assets to participate in Walk and Wheel

Walk and Wheel resources:


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