Grand Prix parking and traffic

We work closely with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) to try and minimise the impacts of the Grand Prix on local residents and businesses. Information about parking and traffic management is published on this page in the period leading up to the event.

About the Grand Prix

The Grand Prix (GP) is a Victorian Government event run by the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC). The 2023 GP will run from the 30 March to 2 April 2023. The Australian Grand Prix has been confirmed to be held in Albert Park until 2035.

Traffic management trial 2022

In response to issues raised by the community about the previous traffic management during the GP, we trialled a new approach for 2022. This included replacing the previous physical barricades around Middle Park and Albert Park with temporary parking changes to 2P Thursday to Sunday 8 am to 6 pm to discourage GP visitors from parking in residential streets. The trial aimed to provide ease of access to residents and visitors to local businesses, schools and community centers in the area while limiting the impact of GP visitors on our local streets.

All properties within the affected area received two temporary parking permits to exempt them from the temporary parking changes.

To measure the success of the trial the City of Port Phillip worked with Global Research and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation to conduct community surveys, pre- and during- event traffic and parking occupancy surveys, and to gather community feedback.

Traffic Management Evaluation

The key recommendations from the evaluation report were endorsed by Council on the 7th September 2022 and include

Install temporary signage that is harder to remove, especially in areas that saw a high level of illegal removal such as within 400m of the Gate 1 on Canterbury Road

  1. Install temporary signage the week preceding the Grand Prix to enable time to check all signage is correct and in place before the event commences.
  2. Investigate opportunities to enhance parking enforcement for the 2023 event.
  3. Consider how to manage observed increases in traffic along Richardson Street, Wright Street, Nimmo Street, McGregor Street and Langridge Street, and continue to monitor traffic impacts.
  4. Consider how to further protect resident parking access on those streets with parking occupancy over 85% occupancy and continue to monitor parking impacts.
  5. Provide improved Council access and direction for customer inquiries and better quantify the number of calls specifically regarding the Grand Prix.
  6. Additional dedicated space is set aside for shared mobility parking to minimise safety and amenity issues especially around Gate 1.
  7. Continue to support visitors to use public transport to travel to and from the GP, while also looking to support easy access to CoPP local businesses.
  8. Leverage increased visitation to the area and support a range of Grand Prix related community events and business activities.

The full Council report and evaluation reports can be found under the 7th September 2022 meeting on this page.

The next steps for Council are to support the AGPC to deliver the 2023 Grand Prix Traffic Management approach.

More information will be available on this webpage in early 2023. 


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