Fishermans Bend and Port Melbourne parking changes

Council is improving parking for residents, businesses and visitors in Fishermans Bend and Port Melbourne.

Parking is a limited and shared resource. The population in Fishermans Bend is growing fast and on-street parking in the suburb, and in neighbouring Port Melbourne, has become harder to find. Our target is to have one in every five parking spaces available.

On 3 June 2020, Council considered a report that evaluated the effect of paid and time-limited parking changes in Fishermans Bend and Port Melbourne over an 18 month period. Council resolved to keep the parking restrictions generally unchanged except for the 2P paid parking areas in Area 1. Parking occupancy and utilisation rates support replacing the 2P paid spaces with all day paid parking restrictions.

Council will undertake community engagement on replacing the Area 1 two hour paid parking restrictions with all-day paid parking. The engagement activities have been placed on hold due to Covid-19.

Council officers will continue to monitor and adjust on-street paid parking rates and parking controls in Area 1 if needed, and will advise the community and wider public of any new proposed changes. We aim to have parking occupancy within the 75 to 85 per cent target, to optimise the level of parking availability.

About the changes