Parking sensors in Port Phillip

In-ground parking sensor technology is a more accurate and consistent way to manage parking. Sensors provide better access to parking for visitors in shopping strips and commercial areas.

Why we have parking sensors?

Sensors support efficient turnover of parking spaces and helps on street parking be more readily available for businesses and visitors. Sensors allow us to manage the limited parking spaces on our streets in a fair and equitable way for everyone. The sensor registers when a vehicle enters and leaves the parking bay. This information tells us about the typical use of bays in different areas of the city. It also alerts our parking officers if a vehicle has overstayed time restrictions for a particular parking bay.

What is an in-ground sensor and how do they work?

The in-ground sensor is a small electronic device that installed underneath the parking bay to detect and record the time a vehicle arrives and departs the bay. The sensor records vehicle arrival time and if the vehicle overstays the maximum time permitted in a bay. Parking officers are alerted of overstay vehicles in the area they are patrolling and can determine if an offence has occurred.

When does your time start after your vehicle enters the parking space?

In time limited Paid Parking Zones, your parking time starts as soon as your car stops in the bay, whether or not you remain in the vehicle (for example, if you choose to finish a phone call before paying for parking and leaving your car). Your parking time does not start when you pay the parking fee.

Your parking time does not start or re-start when you buy a parking ticket or pay for parking. If your parking time has run out or is about to run out, you need to move your car to a new bay.

The onus is on you as the driver to make payment for parking as soon as you park your car.

How accurate are parking sensors?

The sensors are very accurate and receive regular health checks to ensure they record vehicle movements correctly. The sensor time is synchronised through a central server set to Australian eastern standard time. Sensors record the exact time a vehicle enters and exits a parking bay. Sensor technology has been successfully operating in the City of Port Phillip since the initial installation of sensors in 2018.

What happens during a road excavation where parking sensors are located?

If you are opening the road for service connection within the parking bay, the parking sensors must be removed prior to works. A dial-before-you-dig check should be undertaken prior to any excavation works but please also contact the City of Port Phillip to confirm if sensors are installed in that location. Please forward an email to,au

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