Aged care and disability services

Our services support the people to be as independent as possible and involved in making decisions about their life.

We provide older people, people with a disability and their carers access to a variety of support services. These services support people to be as independent as possible and be involved in making decisions about their life.

Accessing aged care and disability services

My Aged Care is an Australian Government system to give older people one point of contact to access aged care services. People aged 65 years and over (50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) are eligible for aged care services from the Australian Government. To access new services or if you're an existing client and need new services, contact My Aged Care.

Online: My Aged Care
Phone: 1800 200 422 Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm

If you are aged under 65 years (under 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), call Council’s Intake Officer on 03 9209 6441.

The Intake Officer will check you are eligible for services and arrange an assessment to develop an individual care plan that meets your needs. This usually involves a home visit. We will give you information and refer you to other service providers if you need them at this time.

Our home support services

There is a range of ways community support staff provide services to help you stay in your own home and within the local community.

Home care

Community support staff can provide assistance with household cleaning tasks that people find difficult to manage due to their age or disability. These tasks may include vacuuming, mopping and cleaning. The services are provided using an active service model replace with Wellness and Reablement approach, meaning people are encouraged to continue to undertake tasks that they can manage within their physical capabilities e.g. dusting, dishes, wiping benchtops. Home Care is provided on weekdays during normal working hours.

Shopping assistance and bill paying

This service enables you to access your local precinct and community. One of our staff will drive you to a local shopping precinct so you can do your shopping, banking and bill paying. Shopping assistance is provided on weekdays during normal working hours.

Personal care

This service provides help and support with the tasks of daily living that are 'personal' in nature. For example:

  • assistance with showering, bathing, dressing and grooming
  • assistance making your own meals
  • assistance preparing meals in your home.

Property maintenance

The property maintenance service provides assistance in maintaining a safe, secure and healthy home environment. General tasks are undertaken, such as replacing light globes, installing grab rails and ramps, replacing smoke detector batteries and other minor tasks in the home. Home and Property Maintenance is provided on weekdays during normal working hours.

'I Can Cook' program

The 'I Can Cook' program is an exciting 12-week program designed for people who don’t have the skills to cook and want to learn, or those who have lost their passion for cooking.

The program gives people an opportunity to learn more about healthy eating and how to prepare simple, nutritious meals that taste great.

Participants will receive practical hands-on experience in the kitchen from a Community Support Worker (1 worker: 2 participant ratio) including setting the table and washing up afterwards. Participants then sit together and enjoy the meal that they cooked.

Participants are able take the recipe home to practice afterwards. After program support can be arranged for participants, so they can continue to build on their skills and confidence at home.

The program takes place at the South Melbourne Community Centre or Cora Graves Community Centre. Transport can be provided.

The program is for Home and Community Care and Commonwealth Home Support Program eligible clients. A small fee will apply.

Group Shopping Trips

The Group Shopping Trips are designed to support people to keep active in the community and maintain independence with shopping. The Shopping trips go to locations that are difficult to get to without a car, and department stores which are not easily accessible in the City of Port Phillip.

Clients will be collected from home by supportive staff on the mini bus and take them to the designated shopping centre, where they have time for some shopping then a cuppa together before being dropped home.

Participants must be independently mobile and able to follow instructions given by Community Support Workers (2 workers: 7 participants ratio)

The program is for Home and Community Care and Commonwealth Home Support Program eligible clients. A small fee will apply.

Food services

Delivered meals service (Meals on Wheels)

Our delivered meals service is designed to assist eligible residents who are having difficulty preparing meals for themselves.

Meals are delivered to resident's homes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and are delivered fresh to be consumed within three days or can be frozen for up to two months. The number of meals provided to each eligible resident is based on a needs assessment and can be up to seven meals per week.

The meals are delivered by Choice Fresh Meals who offer a great variety of nutritional food and can cater to many special dietary requirements including texture modified. Meals are three courses and include a soup/sandwich, main meal and dessert option. Meal packaging has been designed to be easily heated and is both microwave and oven safe.

A regular delivery time will be provided with a two-hour window dependant on the suburb of the resident.

Hot lunch service (centre-based meals program)

A nutritious hot lunch service is provided at the Cora Graves Community Centre which is Located at 38-40 Blessington Street, St. Kilda (opposite the St Kilda Botanical Gardens).

The Hot Lunch Service may be a suitable option for those who may be socially isolated, or have difficulty preparing a meal.

Meals are available to City of Port Phillip residents aged 55+ years, and to any person with a disability and their carer. Meals are served Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding Public Holidays) from 12 midday to 1.30 pm. Small fee will apply.

Access to the delivered meals and hot lunch service is based on an assessment and can be arranged via contacting us:

Phone: 03 9209 6749

Social meals in rooming houses program

The social meals in rooming houses program aims to make a positive impact on the culture within participating rooming houses. The regular program incorporates the preparation of a meal and a shared dining experience, encouraging social interaction, and informal support and friendship networks between rooming house residents.

Through this program it is hoped to increase residents' knowledge of and connection with local support services and low cost recreational activities, as well as teaching vital cooking skills.

As of 2017 the City of Port Phillip began working in partnership with St Kilda Community Housing, HousingFirst and South Port Community Housing to deliver the social meals in rooming houses program on behalf of Council.

For more information about the social meals in rooming houses program contact the Coordinator Access and Inclusion on 03 9209 6301.

Social support and recreation

For a full list of planned activities available to older people and people with disability, visit social support and recreation.

Assistance for those who care for others

Respite care

Respite care provides short breaks for those taking care of a family member or friend. Respite Services are available for carers with the major responsibility for the wellbeing of a person needing care. Care is provided on weekdays during normal working hours but there is some limited capacity for these services to be provided after hours for clients who have high needs.

Carer support group

This group provides people who care for an older frail person the opportunity to mix with others in a similar caring role, and enables them to seek useful information in relation to caring. To find out more about this group visit social support and recreation, or call the Social Inclusion team on 03 9209 6738.

For further information on support and services for those who care for others, visit the Carers Victoria website.

Our commitment

We pride ourselves on being welcoming and sensitive to the needs of people from the many diverse groups represented in our community, including people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, those with dementia, people experiencing financial disadvantage (including those who experience or are at risk of homelessness) and those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex.

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