Mural and street art

Information for artists and property owners

Michael Porter and Bailer, 2016. Film: James Arneman

Mural and street art

Mural and street art is generally temporary in nature and can enliven civic and privately owned public spaces.

Street art can include traditional spray work as well as stencils, sticker art, wheat-pasting, painting poster art and projection.

Street art is considered in two ways:

  1. As an artistic creation with an aesthetic intent/outcome
  2. As a preventative solution to illegal tagging.

Graffiti mitigation street art program

This program focuses on graffiti hotspots in the City of Port Phillip. Street art is commissioned as a preventative solution to illegal tagging.

We engage artists for this program, using the ‘Direct appointment of artist’ model as detailed in the Public Art Commissioning Guidelines (DOCX 23 KB).

Building owners, occupiers and artists 

We receive enquiries from artists to create street art on sites that may not belong to Council.

We are developing a register of privately owned sites for potential creation of art on owner and occupier property sites so that we can connect street artists with building owners.

If you are a building owner or occupier interested in registering your building as a potential site for artists, please follow the steps below:

How to register your building or site for street art

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