Report or reclaim an abandoned vehicle

Find out how to report a vehicle that hasn’t been moved, what we do to warn the owner it will be towed and how you can reclaim it.

We investigate and can move unregistered and abandoned vehicles left on local streets, in council car parks and on public land.  

Report an abandoned vehicle

If you have noticed a vehicle that hasn’t moved off a local street for a long time, we can help. You need to tell us the vehicle registration and location. If you want to find out what happens we will also need your contact details. 

You can report an abandoned car by: 

  • Using the Snap send solve app
  • reporting the vehicle details online
  • phoning ASSIST on 03 9209 6777 

Click here to Report an abandoned vehicle via the My Port Phillip Portal

Check if the vehicle is registered

You need to tell us if the vehicle is registered. Note the vehicle registration number and check on the relevant state website: 

Found a notice on your vehicle

We put a notice on vehicles that are unregistered or we think are abandoned. The notice tells the owner they must register the vehicle or move it from Council land by a certain date. If you don’t contact us or move the vehicle, we will tow it away. 

If you find a notice on your vehicle, please phone us on 03 9209 6777 or email as soon as possible to talk about your vehicle. 

Reclaim your impounded vehicle 

If you believe Council has impounded your vehicle, please contact us to discuss how you can reclaim the vehicle. Vehicles will not be released to the owner unless authorised by Council.

Vehicles will be towed and stored in accordance with Council Contract 000996awarded to Nationwide Towing Pty Ltd.

The storage facility is located at 1/221 Browns Road, Noble Park (roller door 3).

You can reclaim your vehicle when you have: 

  • paid the release fee of $470 (including GST, as of July 1 2022) 
  • proven you own the vehicle  
  • shown us your photo ID.

There will be additional storage fees charged of $22 per day applicable at the Noble Park Auction Yard.

Vehicles that have NOT been claimed within 15 days will be sold at public auction.

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