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Who we are

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Council PlanThe Council Plan sets out what we want to achieve for the City of Port Phillip by 2031, and how we will support the current and future health and wellbeing of the City and our people.Annual editionsJuly 2031
Gender Equality Action Plan (PDF 2 MB)The plan aims to ensure our workplace is safe, respectful, fair and inclusive for everyone. Under Victoria’s Gender Equality Act, the City of Port Phillip is one of 300 Victorian public sector entities that must develop a gender equality action plan. Gender equality is about people of all genders and backgrounds having equitable access to opportunities, recognition and pay in our organisation.20232025

Arts and heritage

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Creative and Prosperous City Strategy 2023-26 (PDF 3.06 MB)

The outcomes this strategy seeks to achieve are: A City of dynamic and distinctive precincts and places; A prosperous City that attracts and grows businesses; A City where arts, culture and creative expression are part of everyday life; A City where community, creativity and business are connected and engaged.20262026
Heritage Recognition Program Guidelines (DOCX 57 KB)

Provides a coordinated approach to identifying, marking and linking places of historical or cultural interest and significance across the City of Port Phillip. They provide a strategy and criteria for the nomination, selection and installation of heritage recognition markers.

Live Music Action Plan (PDF 2.1 MB)

The Live Music Action Plan is responsible for 50 actions designed to support the music industry. The goal is to see these actions realised with tangible and significant benefit over a long period of time.

Monuments and Memorials Guidelines (PDF 548 KB)

To inform the administration, assessment and development of Council’s memorials and monuments collection, including collection management and asset management procedures that apply to the maintenance of Council-owned objects, and new memorials (see New Memorial application form)

TBC next review2022

Port Phillip City Collection Policy 2019 (PDF 720 KB)

Port Phillip City Collection Policy 2019 (DOCX 284 KB)

The guiding document for collection management and key decision-making relating to the Collection, outlining the requirements around collection development through acquisition, documentation, conservation and access.20212022
Public Art Guidelines 2017 (DOCX 34 KB)Outlines the principles and objectives to further develop public art and integrate it into Council’s public realm planning, and in programs that support arts and cultural activity. It maps a direction for the development of public art in the City of Port Phillip within the context of Council’s existing policies and plans.2021TBC next review


DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Outdoor Trading (Dining) Policy (PDF 5.4 MB)The Outdoor Trading (Dining) Policy sets out how we manage the provision of outdoor trading opportunities across the City. 20242025

Council assets

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Enterprise Asset Management Plan (PDF 3.8 MB).

The Plan details the policies, processes and tools we use to manage and maintain assets. The Plan helps us to achieve our service levels, get value for money and give our assets a long life.

Asset Management Policy 2021 (PDF 493 KB).

Council is the custodian of $3 billion worth of assets that provide valued services. This strategy covers the management of these assets, including buildings, Council-owned land, roads, footpaths, drainage pipe and pits, art, library books and other assets.

2021June 2022
Catering Policy (PDF 374 KB)The purpose of this policy is to provide framework for the provision of catering at the City of Port Phillip that delivers best value and is defensible to our community.2025TBC next review
CCTV in Council Buildings Policy (PDF 399 KB)The purpose of this Policy is to ensure appropriate use and operation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) equipment in Council occupied buildings and buildings owned, managed or leased by Council including South Melbourne Market.2021TBC next review
CCTV in Council Buildings Operational Procedure (PDF 412 KB)

The Building Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Operational Procedure supports the CCTV in Council Buildings Policy by defining the operational requirements and processes that ensure the appropriate management, process and use related to viewing, copying and disseminating CCTV footage.

2021TBC next review

Community Access and Allocation Policy 2023 (PDF 396 KB)

This Policy has been developed to ensure fair, appropriate and equitable allocation of Council-owned or managed community facilities in their capacity as venues for hire.

February 2027February 2028

Discontinuance and Sale of Roads Policy 2022 (PDF 353 KB)

Discontinuance and Sale of Roads Policy 2022 (DOCX 344 KB)

This policy sets out the conditions and principles under which a road may be discontinued and the land sold.20222026
Public Place Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) PolicyThe intent of this policy is to provide direction for Council’s decision making process in relation the proposed installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems in public places (as defined).  The policy presents guiding principles to govern how Council will approach safety in public places in the determination of whether a public CCTV application is appropriate for approved implementation.20232025
Property Policy (PDF 579 KB)The purpose of this Policy is to provide a sustainable framework for the management of the property portfolio into the future, taking into account changes occurring within the portfolio and the Port Phillip landscape.2020TBC next review
Road Management Plan 2021 (PDF 2 MB)

The Road Management Plan establishes a management system for the road management functions of a road authority. It is based on policy, operational objectives and available resources. It sets relevant standards in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of those road management functions.

The Road Management Plan is not an Asset Management Plan. The Transport Asset Management Portfolio Plan sets out the strategic objectives, asset lifecycle costs and informs Council's 10-year financial plan. The Transport Portfolio Plan including sub class plans for Roads, Footpaths, Bridges, road edges and traffic control devices.

Road and Lane Naming Guidelines 2005 (DOC 81 KB)The Local Government Act
1989, confers on Council the authority to name or re-name roads or lanes. When naming or re-naming roads or lanes, the Council must also abide by the guidelines set out in the Geographic Place Names Act 1998.
2020TBC next review
Town Hall Hire Policy (PDF 13 KB)The purpose of the Town Hall Hire Policy is to clarify the priority of access to the St Kilda, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne Town Halls in their capacity as venues for hire and to ensure that all hirers comply with associated legal and council requirements. The intent of this policy is to reinforce the civic and community focus of Council’s town halls and associated meeting rooms.2020TBC next review


DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Councillor Code of Conduct 2021 Update (PDF 1.14 MB)

The Councillor Code of Conduct 2021 Agreement signed by the successful Council candidates from the 2020 election.
*On Wednesday 1 February 2023 Councillor - elect Robbie Nyaguy took affirmation of office and made a declaration that they will abide by the Code of Conduct.

Councillor Gift and Hospitality Policy 2021 (PDF 338 KB)Councillors are required to act impartially and with integrity and avoid conflicts of interest in the performance of their duties as a Councillor. This policy establishes guidelines to help Councillors comply with the conflict of interest provisions of the Local Government Act 2020 when they are offered gifts or hospitality.20232025
Councillor Expenses and Support Policy 2021 (PDF 1 MB)The Purpose of this policy is to outline the provision of facilities, resources and reimbursement of reasonable expenses for the Mayor and Councillors.20232025
Election Period Policy  (PDF 339 KB)Council staff and Councillors must observe specific legislative and governance requirements during the period leading up to an election.20272027

Events and activities

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Commercial Recreation Policy 2019 (PDF 666 KB)Provides a framework for the City of Port Phillip to manage the provision of commercial recreation across the municipality. We aim to support a range of recreation opportunities that reflect the cities diverse community.20242025
Events Strategy 2023-26 (PDF 169 KB)

The City of Port Phillip aims to plan, attract and direct events to ensure our city is welcoming, healthy, safe and vibrant for all. It is commonly recognised and accepted that events bring a wealth of benefits to a community, from the health and wellbeing of residents through to economic development for local businesses, cultural vibrancy and social engagement.

Activating Laneway StrategyThe objectives of the strategy are to recognise the role and character of the City of Port Phillip laneways and little streets in creating a fine grain public realm. To maintain and enhance existing laneways, facilitate and create opportunities for activation in designated laneways, improve the walkability and permeability of the public realm.20222026
Outdoor Events Policy 2023-26 (DOC 1.45 MB)The policy applies to all outdoor events, promotions and markets on Council managed public space within the municipality. Including (but not limited to) events that are run by private organisations, businesses, schools, special interest groups or community groups.20232026
Placemaking Action Plan 2018-21The plan for reactivating areas of Port Phillip.20212021
St Kilda Festival Operational Plan 2019-21 (PDF 1.3 MB)

To promote Australian music, the local music scene and support Australian musicians and artists through a premier event that provides opportunities for musicians and artists to reach new audiences.

To provide a large scale outdoor celebration that welcomes encourages and engages the community with access to a broad variety of music and culture while contributing to economic development and tourism in St Kilda.

Adopted 15 August 2018.

TBC next reviewTBC next review
St Kilda Festival Sponsorship Policy 2018 (PDF 218 KB)Sets out the principles and approach which guide the City of Port Phillip’s management of sponsorship arrangements with the aim of protecting and promoting the best interests of the Festival, its program, its partners and the City of Port Phillip.TBC next reviewTBC next review
Sport and Recreation Strategy 2015-24 (PDF 3 MB)Council strategy in facilitating sport and recreation opportunities within Port Phillip over the next ten years, through engaging and supporting our local community.20242023

Families, youth and children

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Child Safe Policy (PDF 507 KB)

The purpose of this policy outlines the City of Port Phillip’s strong commitment to the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people and provides procedures to manage their safety. Statement of commitment to child safety - the City of Port Phillip has zero-tolerance for child abuse.2020TBC next review

Child Safe Standards Incident or Disclosure Report Form 2018 (DOCX 61 KB)

Council’s Child Safe Standards incident and disclosure reporting forms for responding to and reporting any allegations or suspicions of child sexual abuse. This document should be read in conjunction with the City of Port Phillip’s Child Safe policy.2020TBC next review

Children Services Policy 2019 (PDF 191 KB)

Children Services Policy 2019 (DOCX 293 KB)

This policy describes Council’s role in children’s services and what we will do to support the wellbeing and development of children and families in our community. The City of Port Phillip has developed the Children’s Services Policy to guide how we support, deliver and invest in children’s services.20212024
Family Youth and Children Strategy 2014-19 (PDF 538 KB)The Family, Youth and Children strategy is the key document that will guide the delivery of this vision for families, young people and children. We will do this by ensuring quality and accessible family, youth and children’s services that meet the needs of the community.20202019
Interim Childcare Policy 2018/19 (DOCX 151 KB)The purpose of this policy is to provide council and community childcare centres with certainty over the approach to quality of care in childcare centres, and funding and managing of infrastructure.20212021
Middle Years Commitment Action Plan 2014-19The plan to carry out the vision for the City of Port Phillip being an engaged, healthy, resilient and vibrant city for young people.20202019
Youth Commitment 2014-19The City of Port Phillip’s vision is that all young people are Happy, Healthy and Heard. To ensure that we realise this vision, Council has made a series of Commitments to young people which are outlined in the City of Port Phillip Happy, Healthy and Heard: Youth Commitment 2014-19.20202019
Children's Services Integrated Registration and Enrolment (CSIRE) for Childcare and Integrated Kindergarten Procedure 2024

This document provides guidance to anyone who wants to register their child for childcare or integrated kindergarten using Council's CSIRE system.

2024TBC next review

Funding and relief

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Code of Conduct for Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers 2021 (PDF 392 KB)Code of conduct for contractors, consultants and suppliers and to be used for the procurement process.2020TBC next review

Community Funding Policy 2018 (PDF 503 KB)

Community Funding Policy 2018 (DOCX 928 KB)

Establishes guiding principles and a framework for the delivery of grants, subsidies, donations and funding agreements to community organisations.


Emergency Relief Implementation Policy and Procedures (PDF 513 KB)

At a special meeting of Council on 25 March 2020, Council confirmed our commitment to provide transparent, effective, efficient and affordable support to our community and economy, to enhance resilience to and recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.20212024


DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Library Action Plan 2021-26 (PDF 1.3 MB)The Library Action Plan sets the vision for our library services and the key actions to help achieve our goals over the next five years. 2026

Local laws and animals

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-21 (PDF 2.7 MB)The City of Port Phillip Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) has been developed to adhere to the State Government requirement that all Councils have a DAMP in place. Which aims to provide harmonious and responsible pet ownership across the City of Port Phillip.20202021
Footpath Trading Guidelines (PDF 4.1 MB)

Footpath trading involves the use of our public footpaths for commercial purposes. The footpath is the area between the property boundary and the kerb of a road that is provided for use by pedestrians. Footpath trading permits are required for all footpath use.

The Footpath Trading Guidelines have been in place since 2010, with updates adopted in 2013 and 2017.

These Guidelines were designed to balance the many competing uses of our footpaths, including pedestrian accessibility and safety, footpath dining, business trading and achieve a prosperous local economy.

The Guidelines provide specific standards for pedestrian zone widths, curb zone widths, outdoor furniture, heaters, awnings and footpath signage, and aims to achieve the intent of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Footpath Trading Fees 2019/20 and Policy (PDF 161 KB)

On 1 July 2019, a new fee structure was introduced, with tailored rates for different areas. The use of public land for outdoor dining is charged at a rate of 20 per cent of the average retail rents of each area. The rate is 30 per cent for businesses that have glass screens.

The data that informs these rates is collected annually.

Local Law Protocol and Procedure Manual 2021 (PDF 1.17 MB KB)Protocols and procedures and conditions that are applicable under the City of Port Phillip Local Law No.1 (Community Amenity) (the Local Law).20202024
Port Phillip Local Law No.1 (Community Amenity) 2018 (PDF 416 KB)The purpose of this Local Law is to provide for the peace, order and good governance of the City of Port Phillip in a way that is complementary to Council’s Council Plan.20242024

Our community

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statement of Commitment (PDF 95 KB)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statement of Commitment (DOCX 13 KB)

Council's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statement of Commitment.20222022
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Strategy 2014-17 (PDF 1.8 MB)The strategy is an outcome of Action 13 from the City of Port Phillip’s Reconciliation Action Plan. It aims to ensure resources are available for the annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts calendar.2020TBC next review

Accessibility Action Plan 2023 to 2025

Accessibility Action Plan 2023 to 2025 (DOCX 1MB)

Accessibility Action Plan 2023 to 2025 easy English (PDF 4.3MB)

Council's Access and Inclusion Plan outlines our commitment to accessibility and disability inclusion.



Community Engagement Policy December 2020 (PDF 1 MB)

Community Engagement Policy December 2020 (DOCX 1 MB)

This policy acts as a guide to community members to know what to expect in our planning for community engagement and what role they can play in our decision-making.


Friends of Suai Strategic Plan 2020-25 (updated 2022)

The City of Port Phillip is proud to have been the first Australian local government to sign a statement of friendship with East Timor. Through Friends of Suai, a community task force have given time, goods, money, skills and friendship to our near neighbours in Suai and Covalima.


Homelessness Action Strategy 2015-20 (PDF 4.2 MB)

Homelessness is recognised as a major issue for our community and seeks to address its impact across a range of approaches that incorporate housing, information and support.20202020
Housing Strategy 2007The Housing Strategy sets out a broad vision and makes recommendations for housing and residential development in Port Phillip.2020TBC next review
In Our Backyard - Growing Affordable Housing in Port Phillip 2015-25 (PDF 1.8 MB)Council strategic framework to guide initiatives that aim to increase the supply of socially affordable housing through direct investment, project facilitation, partnerships with social housing organisations and the Victorian Planning System.20212025

LGBTIQA+ Action Plan 2023-26

The purpose of the LGBTIQA+ Action Plan is to set out desired outcomes, based on
the needs and aspirations of LGBTIQA+ people in our municipality, and guide Council
in its role of embedding LGBTIQA+ inclusion across Council activities to achieve these
Positive Ageing Policy 2023 2027This policy describes Council’s role and commitment to creating an age-friendly city. Council has developed this policy to guide how Council will facilitate, partner, advocate and deliver services and programs that promote ageing well in our community20232027

Protocol For Assisting People Who Sleep Rough 2018 (PDF 99 KB)

The Protocol applies to public places such as parks, open spaces and community facilities, which are accessible to the public and which are Council owned, controlled or managed.2021TBC next review

Reconciliation Action Plan 2017-19 (PDF 1.4 MB)

Reconciliation Action Plan 2017-19 (DOCX 0.5 MB)

The City of Port Phillip is committed to achieving
reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples and the rest of Australian society.

Currently under review.

2020TBC next review
Social Justice Charter 2013The City of Port Phillip Social Justice Charter seeks to make sure that the rights of all people in our community are considered in a fair and equal way.2020TBC next review

Parks and open spaces

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Commercial Recreation Policy 2019 (PDF 666 KB)Provides a framework for the City of Port Phillip to manage the provision of Commercial Recreation activities across the municipality and support a range of recreation opportunities that reflect the cities diverse community.20242025
Elster Creek Flood Management PlanThis Flood Management Plan (the Plan) is a continuation of the Elster Creek Action Plan 2018 and looks to establish a long-term coordinated approach to flooding in the Elster Creek Catchment.20222024

Elwood Foreshore and Recreation Reserves Management Plan 2005 (PDF 5 MB)

The City of Port Phillip is the delegated manager for the Foreshore Reserves under the provisions of the Crown Land Reserve Act 1978. The City continues to manage this important resource on behalf of its residents and all Victorians.

The Plan provides guidelines to implement the Foreshore and Hinterland Vegetation Management Plan.

Foreshore and Hinterland Vegetation Management Plan 2015 (PDF 15.7 MB)Plans to maintain and upgrade the foreshore including vegetation projects and maritime infrastructure renewals.20202025
Foreshore Management Plan 2012 (PDF 6.1 MB)Provides guidance for the future use, development and management of the Port Phillip foreshore.TBC next reviewTBC next review
Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP)The Plan contains information on how to prevent, respond to and recover from, emergencies within the municipality. The plan responds to the economic and social effects of emergencies including loss of life, destruction of property and dislocation of individuals and communities.20222025
Nature Strip Guidelines 2022 (PDF 1.22 MB)Nature strip guidelines are the City of Port Phillip stipulations to support residents in greening the local area and keeping within a checklist of guidelines.20222024
Open Space Strategy 2009 (PDF 670 KB)The Open Space Strategy 2009, the principles of the Open Space Framework inform the Open Space Strategy and are intended to guide future decisions
taken by Council in regard to the supply and management of public open space.
November 2015TBC next review
Playspace Strategy 2011 (PDF 3.5 MB)The Playspace Strategy sets the vision, policy context and framework for the future development of play spaces in the City of Port Phillip and prioritises future play space works.20202020
Open Space Water Management Plan 2011 (PDF 2.9 MB)This report provides guidance on alternative water source options which may be suitable for parks and open space within the municipality, including rainwater harvesting, stormwater harvesting, groundwater extraction and sewer mining.TBC next reviewTBC next review
Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework

The public realm proposal for Waterfront Place recognises the important arrival function of the precinct. It also acknowledges the significant traffic function that the precinct performs and describes a more coherent and integrated multi-functional landscape for space.

TBC next reviewTBC next review
Public Lighting Policy 2004 (PDF 14 KB)This report provides guidance on alternative water source options which may be suitable for parks and open space within the municipality, including rainwater harvesting, stormwater harvesting, groundwater extraction and sewer mining.2021TBC next review
St Kilda Botanical Gardens Directions Plan 2009 (PDF 6.7 MB)The basis of the Botanic Gardens is the plant collection. The four roles of the botanic garden are scientific, conservation, education and recreation, which depend on the plant collections, other than the recreation component.TBC next reviewTBC next review
Sport and Recreation Strategy 2015-24 (PDF 2.9 MB)Council strategy in facilitating sport and recreation opportunities within Port Phillip over the next ten years, through engaging and supporting our local community.20242023

Payments, privacy and risk

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
Payment Card Policy 2019-23 (PDF 565 KB)This document and additional supporting documents represent the City of Port Phillip’s policy to prevent loss or disclosure of sensitive customer information, specifically payment card data.20202023
Rating Strategy 2022 (PDF 1.3 MB)Council rates are the contribution that ratepayers make towards the community services and community infrastructure that councils deliver. Rates are a form of property tax, with each ratepayer contributing based on the value of the property they own. It is intended that the rates contribution made by each ratepayer represents a fair measure of the benefit received by each property and reflects the capacity of the property owner to pay for a share of Council’s costs.20252025
Risk Management Policy Sept 2023
This policy sets out the key requirements, roles and responsibilities in relation to risk management at the City of Port Phillip. It is designed to embed a positive risk management culture. It is incumbent on Council to understand and manage the strategic, operational, and project risks and opportunities it faces to enable it to make informed decisions and meet its responsibilities, council priorities, and community expectations.20252027

Planning and building

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Industry and Business Strategy 2003

The Port Philip industry and business strategy addressing precinct and use of industrial land.TBC next reviewTBC next review

Port Phillip Heritage Review

An incorporated document to the Port Phillip Planning Scheme that supports heritage decisions.As requiredAs required

Port Phillip Planning Scheme

Guides decision making on all planning permit and related matters.

This is supported by the planning scheme incorporated and background documents.

As requiredAs required

South Melbourne Market

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date
South Melbourne Market EOI and new licence PolicyPolicy for South Melbourne Market applicants to apply for Expression of Interest for a new licence.2020TBC next review
South Melbourne Market Licence Policy 2011Policy for South Melbourne Market for a licence.20192020
South Melbourne Market Licence Renewal Policy (DOCX 327 KB)Policy for renewal licence at South Melbourne Market.2020TBC next review
South Melbourne Market Sale of Liquor for Consumption 2007 (PDF 164 KB)This policy is designed to (a) To allow the South Melbourne Market Management Committee to consider applications by stallholders to sell liquor for consumption from their leased or licensed area at the South Melbourne Market, and (b) To outline the approval process and to detail explicit decision guidelines.20202020
South Melbourne Market Strategic Plan 2021-25 (PDF 1.3 MB)The strategy outlines the effective governance for the South Melbourne Market through commitment charter and vision.20252025


DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Act and Adapt, Sustainable Environment Strategy 2018-28 (PDF 2.8 MB)

This Strategy outlines the City of Port Phillip’s commitment to environmental sustainability for the organisation and the wider community. It establishes a pathway that will assist to transition the City to a greener, cooler more liveable City where we are all reducing our impact on the environment and are more resilient to the impacts of climate change.20222028
Greening Port Phillip - an Urban Forest Approach 2010 (PDF 3.6 MB)Implementing the street tree planting program 2017-22 and ongoing investment in park trees and streetscape improvements, including in Fishermans Bend.20222022

Greening Port Phillip Street Tree Planting Guide 2017-22 (PDF 8.4 MB)

The Greening Port Phillip Strategy provides the strategic framework and policy context for the development and management of trees in the City of Port Phillip.20202022
Sustainable Design Strategy 2013 (PDF MB)The strategy incorporates a revised Sustainable Design Policy and reinforces Council’s philosophy of creating sustainable buildings which collectively contribute to a more sustainable urban environment.20172020
Sustainable Public Lighting Guidelines 2011 (PDF 1.5 MB)Providing guidelines for a clear direction for the management and continuous improvements2020TBC next review

Sustainable Public Lighting Strategy for Streets and Open Space 2011-16

The Sustainable Public Lighting Strategy builds upon Council’s past successes and provides direction for improvement to reduce greenhouse gas emission for public lighting, improve planning for public lighting capital works and improve the management of the open space and street light assets.January 20152016
Tree Protection Guidelines (PDF 8 KB)Guidelines for tree protection management for the City of Port Phillip.2021TBC next review

Transport and parking

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Car Share Policy 2023-28 (PDF 370 KB)

This policy provides strategic direction for the management of car share in public on-street and Council managed off-street parking spaces in the City of Port Phillip and support for car share in new developments.

This policy will be implemented through Council's Car Share Guidelines, which should be read in conjunction with this policy.



Car Share Guidelines 2023-28 (PDF 434 KB)

These guidelines provide a framework for implementing Council's Car Share Policy, outlining the responsibilities of car share providers and Council, and the processes for expansion and management of the service.



Move, Connect, Live Strategy 2018-28 (PDF 5 MB)

Move, Connect, Live Strategy 2018-28 (DOCX 1.2 MB)

This strategy aims to increase the range of healthy, safe, connected and convenient walking and bike riding choices by delivering changes to our city’s transport network, streets and places to cater for our growing community.

Find out more about the Move, Connect Live Strategy.

2028TBC next review
Parking Management Policy 2020 (PDF 1 MB)

The Parking Management Policy provides a framework for the ongoing management of Council's 53,000 on-street and 4,000 off-street spaces used for parking and storage of motor vehicles. It seeks to address the City's growth and transport challenges, and provide fairer, more reliable access to parking. 

Find out more about the Parking Management Policy.


Waste, recycling and cleaning

DocumentPurposeReview dateExpiry date

Don't Waste It! Waste Management Strategy 2022-25 (PDF 2 MB)

The strategy is to reduce waste going to landfill through kerbside and public place recycling, hard waste and green waste collection, operating the Resource Recovery Centre and waste education; provide additional waste management services through kerbside refuse services and removal of waste from street litter bins.20222025

Graffiti Management Plan 2019-24 (PDF 0.7 MB)

Graffiti Management Plan 2019-24 (DOCX 3.9 MB)

The Graffiti Management Plan for the City of Port Phillip has an annual graffiti removal budget. The graffiti removal is carried out via contractors with specialist mobile services.20232024
Public Toilet Plan 2013-23 (PDF 1.1 MB)Provide guidance and practical assistance for planning and decision making in the development, maintenance and operations for the public toilet network across the City of Port Phillip.20222023