The Local Government Act 1989 lists advocacy as one of the three main activities of a local council.

Advocacy can include a variety of elements such as:

  • Council representatives meeting with Government Ministers, Members of Parliament, and bureaucrats
  • collaborating with other councils and peak bodies such as an advocacy group, or association of industries or groups with shared interests
  • public campaigns which involve community groups and individuals.

As part of the Council's advocacy effort, we campaign to both the Victorian and Australian Government for projects, funding, services and infrastructure that will benefit our residents and businesses. Advocacy might be for projects that are beyond the scope of what local government can deliver but represent the interests of our community.

Advocacy during COVID-19

Advocacy priorities

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To discuss Council's advocacy undertakings further, both current and future, please contact your local councillors.

To find out which councillors represent your ward and their contact details, visit Your Councillors.