Thomas Clark (1814-1883), Red Bluff (Elwood Before Levelling). Oil on canvas 43 x 68 cm

Comprising contemporary and historic art, heritage furniture, photographs, memorials and monuments, public art and civic material, the PPCC tells stories of the history of the municipality, its cultural identity, its artistic legacy and contemporary practice. It recognises the people and places which provide its tangible and intangible heritage and unique character.

Council acknowledges the significant Indigenous identity, past and present, of the area now comprising the City of Port Phillip in numerous ways, one of which is through collection of contemporary art.

Port Phillip City Collection Policy 2019 (DOCX 284 KB)

Port Phillip City Collection Policy 2019 (PDF 720 KB)

CoPP Art and Soul Creative Prosperous City Strategy (PDF 720 KB)

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The Port Phillip City Collection (PPCC) includes over 4,500 catalogued photographs from the three former cities of South Melbourne, St Kilda and Port Melbourne.

Most images can be reproduced

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Beach cleaning South Melbourne Beach PPCC sm0884

Henry Smith, Man, Dog, Boat, 1994. Fibreglass, wood, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. Located at the corner of Graham Street and Ingles Street, Albert Park (Gasworks Arts Park).

Visit our Collection

The Port Phillip City Collection is on display in public spaces, indoors and outdoors, across our City.

Our memorials and monuments and public artworks are located in our parks, along the foreshore, in reserves and outside our civic buildings.

Works from the art and heritage collection are also on display in our Town Halls, libraries and other community buildings.

Access is restricted at the moment due to COVID-19. We are working on an interactive map so you can see which works are on display in council buildings.

New to the Collection

The Port Phillip City Collection is an active public collection developed and grown through donation and acquisition in accordance with the criteria set out in the Port Phillip City Collection Policy.

Ross Coulter Dishes 2019 digital photograph 100 x 150

Julie Shiels, All that remains, 2005 © Julie Shiels. Courtesy of the Artist

Archived exhibitions

View past art and heritage collection exhibitions.

Looking after our collection

The City of Port Phillip recognises the importance of the municipality's cultural and artistic heritage to our community. The Port Phillip City Collection is professionaly managed in line with international museum standards.

Handling heritage plans

Image reproduction

Reproductions of most photographs within the Collection can be purchased, for use in exhibitions, research, study and publications.

Image reproduction application process

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