Discover who lives in Port Phillip, our economic profile and forecast changes in the future.

We have a diverse resident community with an estimated of 103,836 people (ABS, ERP, 2022).

Almost half (48.1 per cent) our residents are between 25 and 49 years of age. A high proportion rent their home (48.8 per cent) and one third were born overseas (33.1 per cent).

Who lives in our City?

You can find who lives in our city at our community profile and social atlas. These present data from Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing in simple, clear tables and charts or interactive maps with concise, factual commentary.

They provide valuable information to inform Council, local community groups, businesses, investors, students and the public about population trends and demographics in Port Phillip. Data is available for the city as a whole and for each of our suburbs and neighbourhoods.

Our local economy

You can find the types of jobs, businesses and industries in Port Phillip at our economic profile.

Who are we planning for?

You can find how our resident population and household are likely to change over time at our population and household forecasts

Understanding our health and wellbeing

We monitor health and wellbeing outcomes across a range of topics.  You can find out more by reading our health profiles.