Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter is our promise to you.

Our Customer Charter is our promise to be genuine in understanding your needs, to be accessible, responsive and easier to deal with, and to do everything we can to meet your expectations in every interaction you have with us.

Our promise to you

We make it easy

We look for ways to make dealing with us and getting the information and services you need as simple, convenient and easy as possible. We are flexible and give you options to choose how you interact with us.

We listen and understand

We listen to you and take the time to understand what you need and how we can best help you. We celebrate diversity and inclusiveness and are committed to knowing about your preferences so we can deliver what you need.

We are responsive and follow through

We respond to your needs and will do everything we can to help you. We do what we say we’ll do and will keep you informed of our progress along the way.

We are open and honest

We are accountable to our customers and our community and committed to protecting your privacy. We aim to always be transparent and open and communicate clearly. We deliver our services with empathy and we keep the promises we make.

We are always looking to improve

We are always trying to find ways to be better. We want to hear your feedback so we can continually learn and improve how we do things, to make a difference and have a positive impact on the lives of everyone in our community.

We welcome your feedback

Listening to your feedback is an important part of Council's commitment to make things easier for you.

We are working hard to do better and deliver on our promises, to help us fulfil on these promises, we ask for your commitment to work with us in an honest, respectful, cooperative and courteous manner.

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