After you apply

Find out how Council makes their decisions and what you can do if you’re not happy with the outcome.

How decisions are made

Before Council makes a decision to grant or refuse an application, they consider many things. This includes the Port Phillip Planning Scheme and any submissions received.

Advertised planning applications

A planning application can be advertised to the public when it will affect the nearby houses or the community.

Amend or extend a planning application or permit

If you need to make changes to a planning application or an approved permit, you can request an amendment.

You can request to:

Decisions that Council can make

Once Council have reviewed your permit application, there are four decisions we can make:

Planning permit with endorsed plans

If your application has been successful, we will issue a planning permit with endorsed plans. This means that your plans are approved for the use and development that you have proposed.

Planning permit with conditions (Condition 1 requirements)

We can issue you a planning permit with Condition 1 requirements. This means you must change your plans to meet all the conditions before you are allowed to start your project.

Notice of Decision

A Notice of Decision is issued when we support the application but there are objections to your permit application. This means that anyone objecting will have 28 days from the date of the Notice of Decision is issued notice to ask the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a review.

Council will issue a planning permit if no objectors submit a review to VCAT. VCAT will notify you if any reviews are submitted.

Refuse an application

If the land use or development proposed is not acceptable, Council can refuse to give you a planning permit.

The reasons for the refusal will be in the Notice of Refusal. You and any objectors will receive a copy of the notice.

You have 60 days to ask for a review of Council’s decision at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Ask for a review

If your planning permit application is refused or you’re not happy with the conditions put on the permit, you can apply for a review of the decision (called an appeal) to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

You can find out more about the process of asking for a review with VCAT. You can also find detailed information about how to ask for a review on the VCAT website.

Track your application

You can track the status of your application using My Port Phillip. Here, you can also see a list of the current planning applications in City of Port Phillip.

Go to ‘Application Tracking’ and search by your application number or property address.

Contact us

Our Planning team is here to help.

Send us a message on My Port Phillip.

Phone: 03 9209 6424.

In person: visit the Planning and Building Counter at St Kilda Town Hall during opening hours (8.30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday).