You can find accessible parking spaces in the City of Port Phillip with our Access Map.

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Parking permits

To apply for a parking permit or for information about the types of permits, visit Accessible Parking Permits.

Accessible parking spaces

How do I apply for an accessible parking space?

Council recognises that people with disability are likely to require parking close to their home. Valid permit holders can request an installation assessment for an accessible on-street parking space outside their home.

Requests must be received in writing, detailing:

  • the reason for the request
  • details of the current valid blue disabled parking permit
  • vehicle ownership
  • preferred location for the space.

When considering the request, Council officers consider:

  • access to off-street parking
  • how close any existing spaces nearby are, and how well they are used.

Please submit your request online

Services for people with a disability

For more information on services for people with a disability and our Disability Action Plan, visit accessibility and disability inclusion.

You can also find information on accessible public transport options within Port Phillip.

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