Councillor governance

All Councillors at Port Phillip need to meet and provide details on expenses, reporting and conduct.

Councillor expenses

The City of Port Phillip Councillor Expenses and Support Policy (PDF 1 MB) adopted at the 3 March 2021 Council Meeting.

The City of Port Phillip Councillor Gift and Hospitality Policy (PDF 338 KB) adopted at the 21 April 2021 Council Meeting.

We publish the following information quarterly:

  • The Councillor Gift and Hospitality Register
  • Councillor Expenses

The Councillor expenses are:

  • councillor allowances
  • conferences, professional development and training
  • travel (includes Mayoral vehicle allowance, use of private vehicle, bicycle allowance, taxi and cabcharge, Myki card, air or rail)
  • communication (includes mobile telephone and internet)
  • child and family care

Reports and audits

Councillor Code of Conduct

The Local Government Act requires every Council to develop a Code of Conduct for Councillors that addresses principles of conduct and procedures for resolving disputes between Councillors.

The City of Port Phillip Councillor Code of Conduct (PDF 6.7 MB) adopted at the 17 February 2021 Council Meeting.

Council must review its Councillor Code of Conduct within four months after a general election. The review takes place at a special meeting called only for this purpose. At this special meeting, Council must approve any amendments to the Code of Conduct determined to be necessary in the review.

The following document details the Complaints Handling Process (PDF 115 KB) and is available for your reference.

Councillor Representative Appointments

At the meeting of 2 December 2020 Councillors were appointed as Councillor representatives to delegated, advisory and external boards and committees.

Report - Appointment of Members to Advisory Committees (PDF 108 KB)
Attachment 1 - Council committee appointment schedule (PDF 66 KB)

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