Council is serious about keeping our beaches, streets and reserves clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. This includes ensuring that celebrations in public spaces don’t get out of control, especially during holiday and summer periods.

To help, we have a range of alcohol bans in place across the City of Port Phillip throughout the year.

Who enforces the alcohol bans?

The alcohol bans are enforced by Victoria Police. There will be extra patrols during summer and over important public holiday periods such as Melbourne Cup Day, New Year’s, Christmas, Boxing Day and Australia Day.

If you are caught holding or consuming alcohol in an area or during a time where it is banned, you can expect to receive a fine of $192 and have your alcohol confiscated.

Along with police, our Local Law Officers will also be patrolling. They will be assisting police where necessary.

Do the right thing, know where and when the bans apply and if you’re ever unsure, leave any and all alcohol behind.

Where and when alcohol bans apply

Please note, none of the following alcohol bans apply to outdoor licensed dining areas or permitted outdoor events.

Every day, year-round alcohol bans 

You cannot drink or hold an unsealed container of alcohol in parks and public spaces (including the foreshore) from 8 pm to 12 midday the following day throughout the year.

There is also a 24-hour alcohol ban on any streets and roads (including footpaths) and at St Kilda Skate Park.

St Kilda foreshore alcohol ban

You cannot drink or possess sealed or unsealed containers of alcohol along the St Kilda foreshore from 1 November to 31 March.

The St Kilda foreshore includes all beaches, reserves and parkland from Langridge to Thackeray Street.

The map below highlights the areas along the St Kilda foreshore where the alcohol ban is in place.

Additional alcohol bans

Regular 'year-round' alcohol bans still apply during the following periods.

Where and when can I consume alcohol?

You can responsibly consume alcohol that is not in a glass container between 12 midday to 8 pm every day in our public parks, reserves and spaces as long as, it is not:

  • within the St Kilda foreshore between 1 November and 31 March
  • on our streets or footpaths
  • at St Kilda Skate Park
  • during one of our other municipality-wide alcohol ban periods including New Year’s, Australia Day, St Kilda Festival and Grand Prix.

Full details of the local law

Detailed information about consumption and possession of alcohol in public spaces is included in City of Port Phillip's Community Amenity Local Law 2023 and the City of Port Phillip Policy and Procedures Manual. A copy of the Local Law and the incorporated documents are available on the Local laws and enforcement page.

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