Is the property I reside in eligible for parking permits?

To find out visit our Near me interactive map and enter your address.

If the property is eligible for a parking permit, you will be asked to provide supporting identification. You can review the documents required here.

Existing permit holder entitlements

Existing applicants are defined as 'residents who reside at the same eligible property and held any number of current valid Resident, Visitor and Combined Parking Permits on the Policy implementation date (1 July 2021)'.

Existing applicants will be able to access the following permit types until 1 July 2025. After 1 July 2025, all entitlements will follow the 'new applicant' entitlements.

Permit typeMaximum number
Resident, Combined and Visitor Parking Permits3 (any combination of the permit types, with a maximum of 2 Visitor permits)
Foreshore Parking Permit3 (for each combined parking permit at an eligible property, this number is reduced by 1)

New applicant entitlements

New applicants are defined as 'any applicant applying for permits at an eligible property for the first time after the Policy implementation date (1 July 2021)'.

Check to see which permits you can apply for using the eligibility checker or the table below.

These limits apply for new applicants from 1 July 2021 and will be fully adopted by all residents from 1 July 2025.

Permit typeMaximum number
Resident or Combined Parking Permit2
Visitor Parking Permit1
Foreshore Parking Permit1 (if a combined parking permit is held at the property, no additional foreshore permits can be obtained)

Note: the permitted number of Resident or Combined Parking Permits are reduced if the eligible property has a driveway or street access via a crossover.

If the driveway or crossover is:

  • less than six metres wide, the number of Resident or Combined Permits reduces by 1
  • more than six metres wide, the property is ineligible for Resident or Combined Permits

Where the eligible property is a higher density dwelling (apartment block, units etc) and the property has one or more driveways, the number of Resident or Combined Permits reduces by one for each dwelling.

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