Parking restrictions

On-street parking is a public resource and it is essential that parking is shared among a variety of people, including residents, visitors, employees and tourists in the City of Port Phillip.

Restrictions in residential streets

There are two types of restrictions that can be introduced in residential streets:

Time Limited restrictions

Usually a 1 hour or 2 hour parking limit for all users, with resident permit holders exempted from these time restrictions.

Permit Zone restrictions

Holders of valid parking permits only. No other vehicles are permitted to park on this street section.

Time limited parking restrictions allow for adequate visitor parking while preventing all day employee and commuter parking. Sufficient turnover of parking spaces is maintained to accommodate resident vehicles.

Permit Zone restrictions mean on-street parking is reserved solely for residents and their visitors with current parking permits. These restrictions are typically considered too restrictive within Port Phillip, particularly in areas with competing needs such as residential, business and community facilities. This creates an under-utilisation of parking during regular work hours, as the majority of residents' vehicles are absent.

Changes to parking restrictions 

Changes to parking restrictions generally follow a three-step process. 

Information on motorcycle parking

Information on Heavy / Long vehicle parking