Port Phillip Zero is a collaborative partnership between Council, organisations and the community. We work together to identify opportunities to create new housing and reduce rough sleeping.

We believe that housing is a human right. We know that homelessness and especially rough sleeping homelessness has devastating consequences on the health and wellbeing of those who experience it.

Collective impact initiative

This type of initiative aims to reduce rough sleeping homelessness by:

  • increasing housing opportunities for people sleeping rough
  • implementing a local Functional Zero service model.

What is Functional Zero?

Functional Zero homelessness will be reached when the number of people entering and experiencing rough sleeping homelessness within a month is less than the average six-monthly placement rate into long-term housing.

The goal of Port Phillip Zero is to achieve Functional Zero homelessness for people sleeping rough in the City of Port Phillip.

By-name list

The by-name list is one of the most important parts of the Port Phillip Zero project. It is an up-to-date list of everyone we know to be sleeping rough, in their cars or in abandoned buildings (known as squats). We aim to know everyone in our City in these circumstances by name and to learn their support and housing needs.