Speaking stories: digital histories 2

Digital stories, originally published in the 2016 Senior's Festival, Port Phillip Writes publication. The stories are historic recounts and personal reminiscences of events and lives lived within the City of Port Phillip.

Reginald Boyd (Read by Anne Boyd)

West St Kilda,1934, 7 mins

1934 turned out to be a significant and action-packed year for young West St Kilda resident, Reginald Boyd.

Brian Collingburn

The Hard Labour Wards, 2.51 mins

Public maternity wards in 1950s Melbourne could be a daunting place for young expectant mothers from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Patricia Convery

Tilman Gloystein (1816-1894), 07:20 mins

Although largely unknown, it is thanks to Tilman Gloystein that residents and visitors alike enjoy the broad paths and beautiful central plantings of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.

Marilynn Fahey

A few memories of W Class trams, 07:24 mins

A tram trip down Chapel Street prompts a flow of memories recalling a life long association with W Class trams, the mainstay of Melbourne's public transport system for over 60 years.

Irene Ritchie

A Kooglhoupf Adventure in the Monarch cake shop, 05:03 mins.

Pearl Levine established the Monaco High-Class Cake Shop in Carlton,1931. In 1934 she moved and re-established her business as the Monarch Cake Shop in its current location, Acland Street, St Kilda.