Street occupation permit

A street occupation permit is required to wholly or partially occupy a road or lane for works, including hoardings.

Street occupation may involve:

  • fencing off part of a road
  • erecting a hoarding, scaffolding or overhead protective awning
  • using a mobile crane or travel tower for any building works
  • leaving or storing any building, paving or other construction materials or any tools, machinery, plant or equipment.

Applications take five business days to assess provided no further information or changes are required. Works must not commence without a permit.

What do you need to apply for a permit?

To complete a permit application, you will be asked to provide:

Apply online:

Follow these steps to apply online:

  1. Register or log in using registration details
  2. Apply for a permit
  3. Select permit type
  4. Address
  5. Lodge
  6. Confirmation - Accept terms and conditions of use
  7. Summary - Attach any required documents
  8. Payment - Securely pay by credit card

Alternatively, you can submit a Street Occupation Application Form (PDF 171 KB) along with all required documents via email, post or in person. If your application is approved, the fee (if applicable) must be paid before the permit can be issued.

Fees and charges

Application fee: $118
Permit fee: $142

Daily rate:

  • standard occupation: $2.70 per square metre, or
  • with gantry: $1.70 per square metre.

Additional costs may be applicable for metered, restricted parking - price on application: price on application.

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for a list of all permit fees and charges: Development Permits Fee Schedule 23/24FY (PDF 155 KB).

A card payment fee applies.

Permit exemptions

  • in an emergency or urgent circumstances
  • works carried out in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004
  • works undertaken by contractors on behalf of or for the City of Port Phillip.

Exemption notification: Council must be advised of the location of exempt works before commencement before works occur, or in an emergency or urgent circumstances the next working day after the works have begun.

Are any other permits required?

If you need to use Council assets to work from or to place or store materials or equipment, you may require an asset protection permit, skip bin permit, road/lane closure permit, vehicle crossing permit, work zone permit, or an out of hours permit.

Need assistance?

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