Council elections

Find out about council elections including how to become a candidate, caretaker period and how donations are handled.

Results for the 2020 local council elections are now available at your Councillors.

The 2020 Council Elections were administered by the Victorian Electoral Commission.

For all enquiries relating to Voting, please contact the Victorian Electoral Commission on 13 18 32

Becoming a Council election candidate

Further information for candidates

Council elections 2020

City Wards

Three municipal wards of Canal Ward, Lake Ward and Gateway Ward make up the City of Port Phillip. Three elected Councillors represent each ward.

For more information, including maps of Council's wards, visit the Victorian Electoral Commission.

The Election Period

The Election Period (commonly known as Caretaker Period) is the period starting from the last day of nominations and ending at 6 pm on Election Day. In 2020, this period will run from 12 midday Tuesday 22 September until 6 pm Saturday 24 October.

During this period, Council business is conducted in accordance with the Election Period Policy to avoid the use of public resources in a way that may unduly affect the election result and to minimise Councils making certain types of decisions that may unduly limit the decision-making ability of the incoming Council.

Under the new Local Government Act 2020, Council was required to adopt a new Election Period Policy. At the Council meeting on 19 August 2020, the Election Period Policy 2020 (PDF 450 KB) was formally adopted.

Election campaign donations

Within 40 days of Election Day, all candidates must submit to Council’s Chief Executive Officer an Election Campaign Donation Return. This will provide details of any gifts, goods or services worth $500 or more received during the donation period for use in connection with their election campaign. This applies to all candidates, whether elected or not, and whether they received campaign donations or not.

The ‘donation period’ is defined as the period beginning 30 days after election day in the previous election and ending 30 days after election day in the current election.

Copies of Election Donation Return forms will be included in Candidate Information Kits and available from Council.

Within 14 days after the deadline for lodgement of completed Campaign Donation Returns by candidates, summaries of each return lodged will be made available on Council’s website.

More information can be found in the Election campaign donation summary 2020 (PDF 78KB).

The City of Port Phillip social media accounts

In line with our Election Period Policy, we will not be sharing opinions about the elections, electoral matter or election candidates on Council social media pages and websites.

Please be aware that there are a number of Facebook and social media pages with the City of Port Phillip or Port Phillip Council as part of the name and these are not official Council channels. They are not managed and monitored by Council staff, we can’t guarantee the accuracy of information shared on these pages and posts on these pages don’t represent the opinions or decisions of Council.

Information you view on other social media pages with the name City of Port Phillip or Port Phillip Council are not official Council opinions about the election or election candidates. Council’s official social media accounts with the City of Port Phillip or Port Phillip in the title are:

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