A City with lower carbon emissions

We will work with our community and partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What we’re doing

Below are the latest actions from the February 2022 Climate Action Update

Investing in our assets

  • Upgrading Council buildings to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, including changing from gas to electricity where feasible.
  • Transitioning our fleet to zero emissions vehicles, including purchasing our first electric truck.
  • Replacing approximately 1,800 streetlights with energy efficient LEDs.
  • Continuing to plan for an extended bike network. This includes the recently completed Garden City Bike Corridor with safer crossings and a separated bike path along Beacon Road and Swallow Street.

Working with our community and partners

  • Partnering with providers to install electric vehicle chargers on Council land, issuing permits to residents to install chargers for personal use and encouraging developers to include electric vehicle charging in new developments. Electric vehicle charging stations are also available at the South
    Melbourne Market rooftop carpark.
  • Engaging with businesses to support and facilitate their actions to reduce emissions, water and waste.
  • Partnering with other inner Melbourne councils to explore options that may facilitate greater access and awareness to renewable energy options for renters, apartment dwellers and businesses. 

Changing how we deliver our services

  • Participating in the Victorian Government shared eScooter trial which began in February 2022.
  • Reducing emissions from Council services, leasing, procurement and investment.

What we have done

Recent examples of how we are fostering a City with lower carbon emissions:

  • 85 per cent reduction in Council’s gross carbon emissions between 2011 and 2021. Net zero emissions achieved for Council operations in 2021.
  • 359 megawatts of solar panels installed on Council buildings.
  • 40 electric and hybrid vehicles in the Council fleet. saving an estimated 50.52 tonnes of carbon emissions over the past two years (2020 to 2021).
  • 9,945 participants in our sustainability programs, including school travel programs, in 2020/21.
  • An 88 gigawatt wind farm was constructed as part of our involvement in the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project.

Net zero emissions

‘Net zero’ refers to a balance between the emissions produced, and the emissions taken out of the atmosphere.

We achieved net zero for Council operations in 2021.

We are committed to helping our community reduce emissions and offset those they produce. Our community goal is to achieve net zero emissions for our City by 2050.

Our community emissions profile

  • Electricity: 62 per cent
  • Gas: 22 per cent
  • Transport: 13 per cent
  • Waste and water: 3 per cent

Source: Port Phillip 2019/20 municipal emissions snapshot

Electric vehicle charging stations at South Melbourne Market rooftop