Win over your owners corporation and live more sustainably

A toolkit and guide to help you achieve change through your owners corporation.

If you own your apartment and want to install solar, or reduce the energy use in common areas, navigating your Owners Corporation and legalities can often be challenging and confusing.

We’ve worked with a lawyer to put together this toolkit which will guide you through the process of getting your Owners Corporations' approval step by step. It also includes templates for you to use.

The tools are based on installing solar but can be used to propose a change for energy, waste or water in your apartment building.

Renters: know your rights

Generally, any renter has a right to make minor cosmetic changes to the apartment on the condition that the apartment will be reinstated to its original condition when the renter returns the apartment to the landlord.

A renter must review their Lease Agreement to determine what they are permitted and not permitted to do in respect to making changes to the apartment. 

Generally in Lease Agreements, any structural matters are the landlord's responsibility. The renter should address to the landlord and require rectification for any structural matters that affect the renter's ability to enjoy and reside in the apartment. 

Structures of the apartment include but are not limited to the following: 

  • windows and doors
  • anything beyond the surface of the floors, walls and ceiling 
  • balcony balustrades
  • columns within the apartment.

Seeking solo solar?

Before seeking solar, you should think about whether the solar will be installed, or partly installed, on common property. 

The below approval and installation for solar information will help you through the process. You can also download the information as a process flowchart (PDF 550 KB).

Approval and installation for solar

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