There are five divisions in the organisational structure of the City of Port Phillip. Each division has between 2 and 5 departments that provide services and support to the local community. Divisions are managed by a general manager or an executive manager. The Executive Leadership Team includes the general managers and the Chief Executive Officer, who reports directly to Council.

Meet the Executive Leadership Team

Portrait photograph of Chris Carroll

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Carroll

  • Organisational performance and development
  • Mayor and Councillor liaison
  • Governance and integrity
  • City administration

City Growth and Development

Brian Tee, General Manager

  • City Development
  • City Planning and Sustainability
  • City Growth and Culture
  • Safety and Amenity
Portrait photograph of Tarnya McKenzie acting General Manager Community Wellbeing and Inclusion

Community Wellbeing and Inclusion

Tarnya McKenzie, Acting General Manager

  • Open Space, Recreation and Community Resilience
  • Family, Youth and Children
  • Community Building and Inclusion
  • Community Services
Portrait photograph of Joanne McNeill, General Manager at City of Port Phillip

Governance and Organisational Performance

Jo McNeill, Executive Manager

  • Governance and Organisational Performance
  • Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO)
Portrait photograph of Lachlan Johnson, GM of City of Port Phillip

Operations and Infrastructure

Lachlan Johnson, General Manager

  • Finance
  • Waste and City Maintenance
  • Project Delivery
  • Property and Assets

Organisational Capability and Experience

Claire Stevens, General Manager

  • Customer Experience and Transformation
  • Digital and Technology Services
  • People, Culture and Safety
  • South Melbourne Market