The City of Port Phillip organisational structure is made of four divisions containing a number of departments that provide a range of services and support to the local community. Each division is managed by a General Manager, headed by the Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to Council.

Meet the Executive Leadership Team

Portrait photograph of Chris Carroll

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Carroll

  • Organisational performance and development
  • Mayor and Councillor liaison
  • Governance and integrity
  • City administration

City Growth and Development

Brian Tee, General Manager

  • City Development
  • City Planning and Sustainability
  • City Growth and Culture
  • Safety and Amenity

Community Wellbeing and Inclusion

Allison Kenwood, General Manager

  • Open Space, Recreation and Community Resilience
  • Family, Youth and Children
  • Community Building and Inclusion
  • Community Services
Portrait photograph of Lachlan Johnson, GM of City of Port Phillip

Operations and Infrastructure

Lachlan Johnson, General Manager

  • Finance
  • Waste and City Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Assets
  • Property and Assets
Portrait photograph of Joanne McNeill, General Manager at City of Port Phillip

Governance, Capability and Experience

Jo McNeill, Acting General Manager

  • Customer Experience and Transformation
  • Digital and Technology Services
  • Governance and Organisational Performance
  • People, Culture and Safety
  • South Melbourne Market

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