Cr Heather Cunsolo was re-elected Mayor on 8 November 2023. Cr Louise Crawford was elected Deputy Mayor.

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Former Mayors

The City of Port Phillip was formed in 1994 and is an amalgamation of the former cities of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda. The first council election for the City of Port Phillip was held in March 1996.

Former mayorTermDate appointed to mayoral position
Liana Thompson1996/9721 March 1996
Christine Häag1997/9821 March 1997
Dick Gross1998/996 April 1998
Dick Gross1999/0024 March 1999
Julian Hill2000/0131 March 2000
Julian Hill2001/0230 March 2001
Darren Ray2002/0320 March 2002
Liz Johnstone2003/0417 March 2003
Dick Gross200417 March 2004
Darren Ray2004/052 December 2004
Janet Bolitho2005/068 December 2005
Janet Bolitho2006/077 December 2006
Janet Cribbes2007/086 December 2007
Frank O'Connor2008/098 December 2008
Frank O'Connor2009/107 December 2009
Rachel Powning2010/116 December 2010
Rachel Powning2011/125 December 2011
Amanda Stevens2012/137 November 2012
Amanda Stevens2013/1412 November 2013
Amanda Stevens2014/1511 November 2014
Bernadene Voss2015/1610 November 2015
Bernadene Voss2016/1710 November 2016
Bernadene Voss2017/188 November 2017
Dick Gross2018/1928 November 2018
Bernadene Voss2019/2013 November 2019
Louise Crawford2020/2111 November 2020
Marcus Pearl2021/2217 November 2021
Heather Cunsolo2022/239 November 2022

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