How to register

Until May 2024, register for childcare and integrated kindergarten any time after a child is born. You can register for Council-managed and participating community-managed centres using the registration form. From May a new system will be used (details below).

What you need to know:

  • Registration is free
  • Before registering, make an appointment and visit any centres you are interested in
  • Registration can be done for your child any time after they are born
  • You will be offered a place when your requirements match a centre’s vacancy

If possible, to give yourself the best chance of a place, we recommend that you:

  • be as flexible with your registration choices as possible.
  • accept an offer at one of your chosen centres, even if it does not match your exact needs (families that are enrolled and attending a service will be offered additional or more preferred days before others).
  • select the centres you have viewed and would accept an offer from, in order of preference (up to a maximum of 5)
  • if you are not tied to specific working days, select multiple days of the week
  • be flexible in the number of days you select
  • be flexible with your starting date if offered earlier.

Further information

For more information on any of the above, please contact Council’s Children’s Services Waitlist Registration Officer:

Phone: 9209 6360
Online: My Port Phillip

Changes to registration

In May 2024 we're introducing the Children’s Services Integrated Registration and Enrolment (CSIRE) system.

The new system is known as CSIRE (we call it "siri"). Registering and updating your details will be online and self-service. The CSIRE Procedure document outlines the steps to registration and user responsibilities. 

For a preview of the system, check out the walkthrough of the new portal.

All 5 Council-managed services and 6 of the 8 community-managed services will be part of the new system.

From 1 January 2024, the following 2 services are managing their own registrations so need to be contacted directly:

Central registration for sessional kindergarten is planned for 2025.

Registration through the CSIRE is free.