What is it?

A registration lists your business on public record. All prescribed accommodation providers must register with Council.

This is a requirement of the:

Who's it for?

You’ll need to register your accommodation business if you plan on operating any of the following:

  • bed and breakfasts
  • rooming house
  • hotels and motels
  • guesthouses
  • boutique hotels
  • self-contained accommodation
  • hostel or student dormitory

You do not need to register your business if you operate any of the following:

  • caravan parks
  • public hospitals and nursing homes
  • retirement villages
  • premises that accommodate five or fewer people.

Read the regulations below for further clarification:

If you start a new accommodation business, or take over an existing accommodation business, without a registration you may receive a fine.

Will I need more than one?

When you start, buy or grow a business, its not uncommon to apply for more than one:

  • licence
  • permit
  • registration.

For advice on the best options for you, call the Health Services Unit:

Phone: 03 9209 6292
Email: healthservicesunit@portphillip.vic.gov.au


Type of feeCost
Application fee$156
Annual registration feeVaries by type of accommodation and number of beds/ residents. Between $280 to $2214.

Before you apply

If you’re registering a new prescribed accommodation business, you’ll need to submit floor plans. You must do this before you register your business.

Apply for Health Approval

Your application for Health Approval must include floor plans (scale 1:100) showing the proposed layout of the premises, including the number of beds and residents in each room.

Council has developed a kit to help you:

The kit explains why you need to register your business and the rules you need to follow.

These rules cover:

  • the number of people allowed in each room
  • rubbish storage
  • water supply
  • the number of toilets, showers and hand basins required.

Register your business

After your plans have been approved, you’ll need to apply for registration of your accommodation business.

You can always talk to a member of our team about the rules and regulations for your accommodation business.

When you apply

To apply to register your business, you’ll need to:

Submit your application to:

Health Services Unit
City of Port Phillip
Private Bag No 3
St Kilda 3182

Advice for meeting the Regulations can be found in the approval kit, or you can contact an Environmental Health Officer by email healthservicesunit@portphillip.vic.gov.au or call 03 9209 6292.

After you apply

An Environmental Health Officer will assess the plans and inspect the premises to ensure it is suitable for registration.

Upon final inspection, you’ll be provided with the Application for Registration of a Prescribed Accommodation Premises form (PDF 711 KB).

You must complete this form and pay the fee to receive your Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration.

Council will issue a certificate of registration when the application has been approved. You need this to operate your business.

Transfer of registration

To transfer your business registration, you need to complete an Application for Transfer of Registration form (DOC 87 KB).

Registration transfers are only official when they’re approved by Council. You can track your application using My Port Phillip.

Contact us

Health Services Unit
Online: My Port Phillip
Email: healthservicesunit@portphillip.vic.gov.au
Phone: 03 9209 6292