Homelessness is a major issue and we are working together to reduce its impacts for everyone.

We believe that everyone needs a home. Homelessness is not a problem that any one council, program or organisation can solve on its own.

Facts about homelessness

Homelessness isn't just rough sleeping

On any given night, around 25 people sleep on the streets, parks or foreshore in Port Phillip. There are many more sleeping on someone’s couch, in their cars, in crisis accommodation, rooming houses or overcrowded dwellings.

Homelessness is not a choice and it can happen to anyone

Causes of homelessness are many and varied. Family violence, a critical shortage of affordable housing, unemployment, mental illness, family breakdown and drug and alcohol abuse all contribute to the level of homelessness in Australia. 

Number of people experiencing homelessness in selected Victorian municipalities. Chart shows numbers of people experiencing homelessness have decreased over the past ten years in the City of Port Phillip.

What is Council doing?

Increasing access to affordable housing

Affordable housing is an important element of our strategy to help those experiencing housing stress and who have no home. In our Backyard: Growing Affordable Housing in Port Phillip 2015-2025 is Council’s affordable housing strategy. 

Housing and homelessness support

Council’s Think and Act: Homelessness Action Strategy 2015 – 2020 is Council’s specific homelessness strategy Homelessness Action Strategy 2015-2020 (PDF 4.11 MB).

Over the past 6½ years of the Homelessness Action Strategy, we have worked with over a 1,300 people aged over 50 to assist them to apply for a range of housing and support. We've also directly assisted over 300 people aged 50 plus to move into social housing locally (most through Council’s nomination into older person public housing). Over half of these people were long term local residents on very low incomes, mainly receiving Centrelink Job Seeker benefits, who were losing their private housing.

Supporting people sleeping rough

Homelessness and especially rough sleeping have devastating consequences on health and wellbeing.

We take a human rights approach to people sleeping rough and managing public space. This means working in a coordinated way to ensure the rights and interests of vulnerable people, who are sleeping rough, are also met.

We actively manage amenity of sites and work closely with local outreach agencies and Victoria Police to achieve better outcomes including the Port Phillip Zero project.

For more information see the following documents:

No fixed address - Council's responses to people sleeping rough in Port Phillip (PDF 2.4 MB)

Protocol for Assisting People Who Sleep Rough

Where can I find help?

There are many services that offer support and information to help you secure accommodation quickly and work towards longer term housing.  Many of the crisis support agencies are available for drop in contact or you can phone to make an appointment, some also are open after hours. For their details see below:

Salvation Army 1800 627 727,

Sacred Heart Mission 9537 1166

Launch Housing 1800 825 955.

How can I help?

Many local services welcome your support and involvement if you can.


Help someone find a secure home and feel part of our community via one of our community partners:

Port Phillip Community Group

Sacred Heart Mission

Salvation Army

Launch Housing


Visit Volunteering to find ways to volunteer your time and skills. 


Support people experiencing homelessness and housing stress by learning more about the causes and the demand for more affordable housing from the Council to Homeless Persons or watching the video below.

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