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Charlotte and Mima - 'Unsigned' FReeZA MC's @ St Kilda Festival 2023

Youth Advisory Committee Mural Project 2022

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Faizi - Team Coordinator

Hi, I'm Faizi and I’m the Coordinator of Middle Years and Youth Services at City of Port Phillip.

Improving the quality of life and wellbeing of others is my passion and pursuit. With a strong sense of service, I want to utilize knowledge of clients’ behavior and provide an appropriate support system to assist them with living a vigorous life.

I love spending time with my family especially my sons, playing guitar, getting to the gym, playing sport, eating, and exploring different cuisines.

Alex - Middle Years Team Leader

Hi, I’m Alex! I’m the Middle Years Team Leader at the City of Port Phillip. 
I’m passionate about supporting young people to explore their interests and reach their fullest potential through programs and environments that are natural, stimulating and inclusive.

By providing young people with autonomy, valuing their voices and exposing them to diverse experiences, I believe we can build on their confidence and guide them into becoming considerate and active members of our community.

When I’m not working, I’m out and about enjoying Melbourne’s food and art scenes! My other interests include digital art, painting, netball, cooking and the odd weekend trip to connect with the outdoors!

Daniel - Youth Services Team Leader

Hi, I’m Daniel and I am the Youth Services Team Leader at the City of Port Phillip.

My goal at Council is to promote inclusivity and participation for young people by developing projects and linking services. I love working with young people and being given the opportunity to have a positive impact on their lives.  

Some of my interests include travelling, playing guitar, going to see live music and watching the footy (go Cats!)

Jordanna - Middle Years & Youth Support Worker

Hi, I'm Jordie and I am the Middle Years and Youth Support Lead Worker at the City of Port Phillip Council.

I am passionate about making a positive impact on young people’s lives, helping them navigate challenges, and supporting their personal and social development.

When I’m not working with young people, you can find me spending time with my daughter, brunching with friends, or planning my next holiday.

Jay-Dee - Youth Engagement and Participation Officer

Hi, I'm Jay-Dee, the Youth Engagement and Participation Officer at Port Phillip!

My role involves facilitating our two volunteer youth committees, the Youth Advisory Committee and the FReeZA committee.

I'm passionate about working with young people to achieve their dreams, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and try new and exciting things as well as connect with like-minded young people.

When I'm not at work you'll find me behind the decks spinning some tunes, taking photos, going to gigs, painting or riding my bike (yes, I have A LOT of hobbies, I know!).

Scobie - Youth Program and Development Officer

Hi, I’m Scobie and I’m the Youth Program and Development Officer at the City of Port Phillip.

I’m a staunch advocate of youth-led community building initiatives and strive to facilitate high level co-design projects with young people. I believe young people with lived experience are best placed to build solutions to the challenges they face, and my role is to listen and support them to affect change in their communities.

When I’m not working with young people, you can find me frantically cooking up a new story as a journalist and filmmaker.

Martika Shakoor Youth Development & Planning officer - City of Port Phillip

Martika - Youth Development and Planning Officer

Hi, I’m Martika, the Youth Development & Planning Officer at the City of Port Phillip Council.

I have worked in the youth, community and multicultural sector for several years and I’m passionate about working together with young people. I’m a strong believer in young people influencing, advocating and changing the systems that impact them.

If there’s anything that you need to know about me, it’s that I’m a beach, summer and coffee lover. I like to be creative, try new things and do something adventurous now and again!

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