Painted (ghost) signs in Port Phillip

Help preserve our local cultural heritage.

The City of Port Phillip has a rich mercantile history which is reflected in painted (ghost) signs on private and commercial buildings throughout the municipality. We are documenting these old advertising signs, and need your help!

Here's what to do if you find a painted (ghost) sign:

  1. Take a photograph of the sign (the higher resolution the better)
  2. Contact us via our Online Services and attach the photo. Please provide your contact details so we can get in touch.

If you notice a sign in bad condition or that has been vandalised please let us know.

In 2014 and 2015 the locations, dimensions and conditions of thirty-two signs were recorded and the data uploaded to the Heritage Centre’s Historypin page.

We did this with heritage specialists, community members, and staff and students from The Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (GCCMC) at the University of Melbourne.