Liquor licenses in Victoria

The regulation of licenses, sale and supply of liquor is the responsibility of the Victorian Government. The Victorian Liquor Commission works with the Department of Justice and Community Safety. Together they are called Liquor Control Victoria.

On the Liquor Control Victoria website you can find out about:

  • the different types of license
  • what license is right for you
  • applying for a liquor license
  • changing your license
  • renewing your license
  • fees
  • obligations of having a license.

What is Council's role?

Some types of liquor licence require planning permission from Council. You will need permission if you want to apply for a:

  • Restaurant or cafe licence
  • Sporting or community club licence
  • Remote seller's licence
  • Producer's licence
  • On-premises license
  • Live music venue licence
  • Packaged licence
  • General licence

You can apply online. You need to be a registered user of My Port Phillip. Once logged in:

  1. Click "Apply for a permit or application".
  2. Click "Start" next to "Planning".
  3. Choose "New Planning Permit" from the drop-down list of planning proposal types.
  4. Check the box for Liquor Licence.
  5. Complete the rest of the form.