Nature strips

Learn what you can do on your nature strip to beautify your street and help us work towards a greener Port Phillip.

Nature Strips

A nature strip is the public space between your property and the road, excluding the paved footpath. It's usually a grassy area. 

Nature strips are important green spaces which enhance our streets with trees, rainwater absorption, and added biodiversity. Planting a garden on your nature strip brings various benefits like providing habitat for native animals, making the area more attractive, reducing the need for mowing, and providing a space for community socialisation.

Council and resident responsibilities

In Port Phillip, property owners or occupants are responsible for maintaining their nature strips, excluding street trees, which are cared for by the Council.

While the Council may step in when the state of a nature strip poses a public health risk, residents are expected to do minor maintenance like mowing and weeding. 

Tips and guidelines

Want to do some planting on your nature strip, but don't know what to plant, or what's allowed?

Download the City of Port Phillip Nature Strip Guidelines for Council's regulations surrounding nature strip planting and beautifying, and make sure to read the Recommended Plant Species List.

If you’d like to plant grass or lay turf, please see the Establishing a Lawn by Seeding Factsheet, or the Establishing Instant Turf Factsheet

Legacy gardens

Historical nature strip gardens are valued, biodiverse, and beautiful. While some of these historical gardens are not compliant with our current guidelines or regulations, Council recognises their heritage and continues to work with residents to address safety concerns.

We always prefer to aim for mediation and maintenance before considering compliance orders or penalties. 

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