Portrait photograph of Councillor Heather Cunsolo


Phone: 03 9209 6705
Mobile: 0466 227 014
Email: Heather.Cunsolo@portphillip.vic.gov.au

Gateway Ward boundaries

The boundaries of the Gateway Ward are shown on the VEC Ward Structure Map.


My vision is for unity in the community. When Council works together with residents, businesses and organisations, we will get the most successful outcomes serving the most people. Vibrancy back in our high streets. Beautify our public spaces. Ensure sensible development in our municipality. Bounce back from COVID-19. Increase trust and satisfaction of Council.

I will bring a pure dedication to the community. I am a respectful, considerate thinker and active listener. I have diverse studies in architecture and local planning experience. I'm a small business owner with mediation and project management skills.

I'm a Ward resident and appreciator of our bayside lifestyle. Woman. Mum. Communicator. Port Melbourne Focus creator and admin. Community leader. Spend local supporter. Unifier. Caring. Genuine.

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