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Mobile: 0466 495 250

Canal Ward boundaries

The boundaries of the Canal Ward are shown on the VEC Ward Structure Map.


My connection with the area runs deep, having lived here for over fifteen years. My kids have gone to childcare locally, and I have worked with dozens of community groups over the years to make our community the best it can be. In my first term on Council, my achievements have been:

  • Pushing Council to take action on the Climate Emergency, leading to Council joining the Melbourne
    Renewable Energy Project at 100 per cent energy purchase, achieving Council's membership of the Cities Power Partnership, declaring a Climate Emergency and the strengthening of Council's Sustainability Strategy.
  • Increasing democracy and transparency at Council, leading to the live streaming of Council meetings, regular updates on the status of Council decisions made and regular de-classifying of confidential information.
  • Supporting my fellow Councillors to transform Council's transport and waste strategies, among other great changes at Council.

Council or local government committee experience

  • Councillor 2016 to 2020
  • Deputy Mayor 2019 to 2020
  • President, Association of Bayside Municipalities 2018-2020
  • Chair, Port Phillip Multifaith Network

Political affiliations

The Australians Greens

Reasons for standing for Council

My vision is for our local neighbourhoods to be defined by green spaces, trees and biodiversity. For our streets to be designed for people, enhancing our community connections and making our public spaces active and attractive. For every resident to feel welcome and supported as a valued member of our community.

Objectives and priorities for your term

To increase open space, accelerate the greening of public and private land, and combat climate change.

Favourite parts of our City

Carlisle Street and Ormond Road. Those strips are proper community hubs, offering most things people need, and the ability to connect with our neighbours, while also attracting people from other areas.

What sets our City apart from others in Australia

What other seaside 'resort city' is also a hub of arts, culture and innovation, while also being home to a number of 'village' neighbourhoods?

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