Council is dedicated to expanding housing options to those members of our community facing specific challenges including housing stress, homelessness, or risk of becoming homeless. Our goal is to increase the availability of secure and affordable social housing (public and community) and private affordable housing.

This effort is part of the Council's affordable housing strategy In Our Backyard, Growing Affordable Housing in Port Phillip 2015 - 2025.

Supports are available for people experiencing homelessness, housing crisis, and difficulty in private rental. For information about housing and homelessness support services, and private rental support, visit Housing and homelessness support services - City of Port Phillip

What do we mean by affordable housing?

Affordable housing is housing that meets the needs of low to moderate-income households.  It includes both social housing and private affordable housing.

Social housing is government-subsidised housing for people who are unlikely to find suitable housing in the private market. It can be either community or public housing.

There is a large proportion of social housing in Port Phillip. In 2022, there were 4,203 social housing units, comprising 6.4 per cent of total dwellings. Of this, 59 per cent was public housing, 36 per cent was community housing and the rest was crisis and transitional housing.

Private affordable housing is an emerging area. Models emerging include build to rent, rent to buy and shared equity housing (including community land trusts) options.

How can I access social housing?

If you need help in a crisis, visit Housing and Homelessness Support Services

Social housing is allocated through the Victorian Housing Register

Types of social housing

Social housing can be either community housing (owned or managed by non-government community housing organisations) or public housing (owned and managed by state government).

Community housing is affordable housing that is provided, owned or managed by registered community housing organisations. It provides secure and long-term rental housing managed by not-for-profit organisations for people on very low or low incomes or people with specific needs.  Visit housing providers to find community housing organisations in Port Phillip.

Public housing is provided by Homes Victoria, part of the Victorian Government’s Department of Families, Fairness and Housing . It provides secure and long-term rental housing for people on very low or low incomes or people with specific needs.  

Social housing options can include self-contained units for people able to live independently, rooming houses and supported accommodation.

What is Council's role?

Council helps the retention and expansion of affordable housing by:

  • Making cash or property contributions to social housing projects under partnership and funding agreements.
  • Identifying property suitable for community housing and opportunities for public housing redevelopment.
  • Facilitating community housing projects between Homes Victoria and community housing organisations including supporting funding applications and facilitating the planning permit process.
  • Negotiating with private developers to provide affordable and community housing through voluntary planning agreements.
  • Facilitating and brokering private affordable housing development.  
  • Researching housing needs and demand.

Council also supports older people with strong links to the area through sponsorship housing.

For information and questions on Council Services, contact us and ask for Housing and Homelessness Services.