Get a Land Information Certificate

You need this certificate to tell buyers about the property; its flood levels and parking as well as any money owed to us.

Please note: All standard applications for Land Information Certificates have a current turnaround time of 15 business days to be issued due to the new financial year turnover.

If you require one urgently, please order an urgent certificate either through council directly, Dye Durham or Landata to jump the queue and receive your order within two business days.

When a property is sold, you need a Land Information Certificate. It lists the property value, rates, charges, and amounts owing or interest. It includes flood levels and any parking permit restrictions.

The certificate is used to adjust costs at settlement and is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. You can contact us to request a verbal update before settlement date.

Order a certificate

You can order your Land Information Certificates online (you will need to have a registered My Port Phillip account to be able to order, see instructions below on how to do a one time sign up). You pay with your credit card and will be charged a card payment fee for:

  • 5 business-day turnaround ($27.80)
  • 2 business-days priority service ($102)

Contact the rates team

To talk to us about land information certificates send a direct message, or phone us on 03 9209 6777 during business hours Monday to Friday.