In summer our beaches are cleaned by a combination of mechanical beach cleaners and manual litter pickers. The manual litter pickers attend to all our beaches, seven days a week from November to April.

When the temperature is over 25 degrees, additional crews are rostered on to empty bins at St Kilda Beach (and Acland Street) during the evening.

Our mechanical beach cleaners use a combined sieving and raking action, which improves the collection of cigarette butts and other small pieces of litter such as glass, as well as the usual litter that is left on the beach.

The beach cleaners operate on wet and dry sand. The 250 foreshore litter bins are also emptied daily.

Summer beach and foreshore cleaning schedule

Segment of the ForeshoreWhen is it cleaned
South Beach, St Kilda

Every weekday

Sandridge to Bay Street, Port MelbourneMondays and Fridays
Bay Street, Port Melbourne to Mills Street, Middle ParkTuesdays and Thursdays
Mills Street, Middle Park to Cowderoy Street, St Kilda WestWednesdays
Cowderoy Street, St Kilda West to Blessington Street, St KildaTuesdays and Thursdays
Head Street, Elwood to Sailing Club rampMondays
Elwood/Point Ormond between the two rock groynesWednesdays
Blessington Street, St Kilda to Head Street, ElwoodFridays


In the winter months, the beaches are mechanically cleaned once per week in combination with daily litter picking.

To request beach cleaning, contact us via online services.


Litter damages the environment and hurts our wildlife. Littering is also an offence which can attract possible fines from $300 to over $9,000.

You can report litterers by completing an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) litter report form. You can access the EPA litter form online, or by phoning 1300 372 842 or pick-up one from any City of Port Phillip Town Hall.

Hazardous waste (syringes and condoms)


Visit syringes for detailed information about:

  • syringe collection and disposal.
  • what to do if you find discarded syringes.
  • needlestick injuries.
  • council awareness program.

Condoms (discarded)

If you find a used condom on our streets or beaches please contact us to report it and request clean-up.