Adventure playgrounds

The City of Port Phillip vision for our Adventure Playgrounds is that they are welcoming Parks that provide a fun space to build social connections.

Weather Update: This Saturday June 3rd is predicted to have heavy showers, meaning there is a high likelihood we will be closed. 

Opening hours

Opening hours are subject to change due to extreme weather events (heat, wet weather, and storms) and staff availability.

The Parks may be closed:

  • when the temperature exceeds 35°C,
  • when the forecast temperature is 38°C or above 
  • if the temperature reaches 35°C while the playgrounds are open
  • during hail, heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms
  • due to poor air quality due to smoke from bush fires or pollution
  • for maintenance, safety audits, staff training and targeted activities
  • when programs and activities for specific groups of children are being hosted at the Playground

Note: hours generated automatically on search engines such as Google or listed in blogs or articles are not always accurate.

St Kilda

  • Mondays: Closed
  • Tuesday to Friday: 3.30 to 5.30 pm
  • Weekends & School Holidays: 12 midday to 4.30 pm

Skinners, South Melbourne

  • Monday to Friday: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm
  • Weekends & School Holidays: 12 midday to 4.30

See  more details at: St Kilda Adventure Playground and South Melbourne (Skinners) Adventure Playground.

Both sites are closed on Public Holidays

About the playgrounds

Adventure Playgrounds are public parks, no membership is required to be a park visitor. The parks are where children can use their imagination, run, climb, jump, create and play.

The City of Port Phillip recognises that the Adventure Playgrounds are much loved, respected, and valued community resources.

The Family, Youth and Children Department at Port Phillip host youth engagement programs as part of Middle Years and Youth Services. Youth Service programs are available for children 5-12 based at the Adventure Playgrounds. 

Programs for primary school age children include youth development, community engagement, youth leadership - with some programs based at the Adventure Playgrounds.

Please see the Youth Services page for Youth Service program information including our new Drop In Zone Activities at the St Kilda Library.

Some of our adventure playground member activities include:

  • arts and crafts
  • club nights (community dinners, with most meals made from rescued supermarket food from food aid agencies)
  • play

In the Middle Years and Youth Service Team we focus on three key elements:

  • recreation opportunities (engagement)
  • support systems (resilience)
  • leadership and participation activities (empowerment)

We recommend all children are supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

We recommend calling the playgrounds to check program times or session availability to avoid disappointment: 0403085073 (for all Park Inquiries). 

Parks will close early or not open if there is rain, storms, strong wind, heat over 35°C or any unforeseen/scheduled maintenance. To check, please call 0421 989 869 during business hours for Park opening hours. 

We welcome visiting families from all over.

Conditions of entry

The City of Port Phillip outlines the below conditions of entry:

  • The Playgrounds are a child-friendly zone.
  • Adults are only permitted in the Playgrounds when accompanying a child or children.
  • No alcohol, smoking, drugs or anti-social behaviour permitted in or around the playgrounds.
  • Please do not bring dogs or pets in to the grounds (service animals only).
  • Respect others privacy by only taking photos of you and your family or group in the playgrounds.
  • The Playgrounds are a 'Junk Food Free Zone'. To promote healthy lifestyles with local children, all sweet, fatty, fast food or drink should be consumed before entering.
  • The Playgrounds care for the environment. Please use the correct bins and do not drop rubbish on the ground.
  • The Adventure Playgrounds are a complete nut free zone. We recommend members and visitors with any form of special or restricted dietary requirement bring all of their own food, snacks and meals.
  • Please note - the Adventure Playgrounds may be closed due to programming or maintenance. Adventure Playgrounds often have programs for enrolled target groups or members on weekdays between 3.30 and 5.30 pm. During these times Staff will be onsite using the tables and seating areas for scheduled programs. Staff reserve the right to use these designated sitting areas for scheduled programs. We ask that public keep these sitting areas (undercover areas) free when staff need to set up for programs.
  • Visitors are to watch their personal items at all times while visiting Parks.
  • There are no BBQ facilities at either site and both Parks have limited seating.
  • There are no Birthday Party Bookings taken for either site.

Playground upgrades

The City of Port Phillip recognises that the Adventure Playgrounds are much loved, respected, and valued community resources.

Short term improvements: Skinners, South Melbourne has some of its play equipment fenced off as it has reached the end of its life. As it cannot be repaired, this equipment will soon be removed and replaced so the space can be used and enjoyed again. Updates on when this will happen will be posted here.

Longer term improvements: the 10-year financial plan has allocated $3,445 million dollars for both sites to be upgraded.

The upgrades will be informed by the following design principles. That Adventure Playgrounds will:

  • Facilitate risky (but safe) play
  • Be accessible, safe and welcoming for all: meeting DDA compliance and CEPTED best practice
  • Provide a connection to nature and the natural environment
  • Place children and young people at the heart of design
  • Provide a unique aesthetic that recognises the past and is delivered for the future

Consultation to inform the upgrades will occur in the 22/23 financial year.

Other playgrounds

To find other playgrounds in your area, visit find parks and playgrounds.

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