Graffiti removal

We remove graffiti from residential homes, commercial businesses and Council assets. We don't remove graffiti:

  • From public assets that don't belong to Council (see reporting channels below)
  • That is above three metres from the ground
  • From vacant buildings

We aim to remove graffiti within 10 business days of receiving a report. Timeframes for removal may change subject to bad weather, high-request volumes and complexity of the job. 

Cleaning alternatives

  • Free graffiti removal kits are available at all town halls. For detailed information about the kits see Graffiti Removal Chemicals website.
  • Arrange for removal at your cost with your preferred company or Council's graffiti contractor Calcorp Services.

Reporting graffiti

On your property

Lodge a request via online services, Snap Send Solve, or call ASSIST on 03 9209 6777.

Once we receive your request, the job is logged with our contractor and added to the Graffiti Job List.

On Council property

Report by contacting us via online services. When reporting graffiti on Council assets please provide the exact location including the street address, a brief description of the graffiti and, if possible, a photograph to help us complete the job quickly.

Council assets include:

  • Council buildings
  • parks and reserves
  • playgrounds and equipment
  • foreshore
  • Public toilets
  • street furniture including seats
  • litter bins
  • footpaths and bike paths
  • sculptures, monuments and art works
  • Council signs
  • heritage post boxes (not Australia Post)

On public assets

We're unable to remove graffiti from assets owned by utility and transport providers, but this can be reported direct to the asset owner.

You can contact:

  • Public Transport Victoria for graffiti on trains, trams, buses, stations, stops and shelters, rail corridors and other public transport infrastructure. Report via Feedback and complaints or phone 1800 800 007.
  • VicRoads for traffic lights, traffic signal poles, signal boxes, most road signs, major underpasses or bridges. Report via Report a road issue or phone 13 11 70.
  • Telstra for telephone boxes, telephone poles, telephone stations or other Telstra property. Report via Report damage to Telstra equipment or phone 13 22 03.
  • Powercor (except in Elwood) for power or light poles, electricity supply units or other electricity company property. Report via or phone 13 12 80.
  • United Power for power or light poles in Elwood. Report via or phone 1300 792 456.
  • Australia Post for Australia Post post boxes. Report via Australia Post product enquiry (use the 'Product Enquiry' option and detail graffiti to be removed in the notes section) or phone 13 76 78.
  • South East Water for fire hydrants. Report to South East Water (use the 'General Enquiry' option and detail graffiti to be removed in the notes section) or phone 13 16 94.
  • St Kilda Cemetery please report via St Kilda Cemetery or phone 03 9349 3014.

Graffiti Management Plan

We support a range of graffiti mitigation programs including community education and engagement opportunities.

You can read more about Council's approach to graffiti in our Graffiti Management Plan 2019-24.

For more information or details on how you might be able to get involved in a project, contact us.

Information on the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007 is available from the Department of Justice and Community Safety.