Change, replace, cancel your parking permit

We can help you to transfer, cancel or replace your parking permit.

Are you moving house?

If you move to a new address within Port Phillip and want to update your permit, you need to find out if your new address is eligible for a parking permit.

If it is, the next step is to tell us your new address. You can:

  • click the button below to transfer your permit, select 'I need to transfer my permits to a new address'. You will need to provide new residential identification to the request.
  • or come to an ASSIST Customer Service Centre with your updated residential identification and your current permits.
  • or update your residential and mailing address with the City of Port Phillip for all correspondence including your parking permit details by lodging a 'Change of Details' request. Please note this may take longer than lodging a direct request regarding your parking permits.

Transfer to another vehicle

If you buy a new vehicle, you can transfer your resident, combined or foreshore parking permit to the new vehicle online:

  1. submit a request to change vehicle for parking permit (you must attach your new vehicle identification and an image of your current permit removed from the vehicle and cut in half)
  2. pay the applicable $25 administration fee (we will send you an invoice)

If you don't want to apply online, come to an ASSIST Customer Service Centre. Bring your updated vehicle identification. You need to remove your permit from your old vehicle and return it.

Replace a lost permit

If you lose a permit you must provide a statutory declaration detailing what happened to it. In some cases, we may be able to issue a replacement.

It will cost you $25 to replace your residential, foreshore and combined permits.

Visitor permits can only be replaced once we receive a statutory declaration from the permit holder explaining what happened to the permit. 

It will cost you $25 to replace and you must agree to return the replacement permit if the original is located.  The $25 administration fee is non-refundable.

Replace a damaged permit

If your permit is damaged you must write to us and tell us happened to it. We may then issue a replacement.

For replacement visitor permits, you must provide evidence the permit has been destroyed (a photo) or return the damaged permit to us.

It will cost you $25 to replace your visitor, residential, foreshore and combined permits. 

Replace a stolen permit

If your permit is stolen you must write to us and tell us happened to it. You need to report it to the police and give us a copy of the police report. We may then issue a replacement.

It will cost you $25 to replace your permit.

Cancel a permit

If your permit is still valid for 6 months or more, you can get a maximum refund of 50% of the fee. Refunds are only issued to the permit holder whose details are provided on the application form.

Refunds are issued via EFT only. Cash or credit card refunds are not available.

How to apply for a refund

1. You need to destroy your permit and provide us evidence.

  • Cut your visitor permit in half and take a photo you can send to us.
  • For the Combined, Foreshore and Resident Permits, take a photo showing the permit has been removed from your vehicle.

2. Now you have the evidence, send us an email at including:

  • Your photo or photos showing the permit has been destroyed.
  • Your permit number.
  • Your bank account details for electronic transfer:
    • Account Name.
    • BSB Number.
    • Account Number.

If you would prefer to apply for a refund in-person at one our customer service counters, you can:

  • Bring your permit(s) to your closest town hall during business hours, along with your bank account details
  • Our ASSIST customer service team will collect all the details needed and provide them to the Parking Permits Administration Team who will process the application. If you're eligible you'll receive a refund within 21 days