Climate Leadership Accelerator Program

Many people in our community are seeking to do more to address climate change and create a better world for the next generation. The Climate Leadership Accelerator program is your chance to make a difference in your local area and reimagine a better community.

As a Climate leader you will have the opportunity to take action by leading the development of your local community’s Climate Resilience Plan.

A Climate Resilience Plan contains a range of initiatives that are relevant to your local area. You will be supported to develop these plans and receive expert advice, training and support to decide what these initiatives are considering the unique issues that your local area may be facing due to climate change. It could be initiatives relating to transport, water, buildings, greening or education. The best bit is we will support you to help make this a reality!

As a Climate Adaptation leader you will:

  • Build skills to become more resilient and sustainable in your personal life and that of your family and friends.
  • Have the opportunity to grow and learn and shape your community
  • Connect with other like-minded people in your community and make a difference
  • Take the next step to community action

If you’re interested in finding out more express your interest to be involved.