Active travel for schools

We are passionate about encouraging local primary and secondary school children to get physically active – it's even included in our Council Plan.

Walking, riding or scooting to and from school helps students build healthy habits for life. Active travel is also great for our community and environment, as well as enabling students to connect with family and friends.

The Port Phillip Walk to School Month video, featuring local schools, shows how active travel is fun, easy and social.

We offer a range of support to help teachers, parents and students to get involved with active travel, through annual events, funding opportunities and the Healthy Tracks to School program.

Video produced by Reimagine Films:


Ride2School Day is a national celebration of active travel held in March each year.

The Bicycle Network initiative is a fun and easy way for primary and secondary students to get physically active on their journey to school and from school. Students are encouraged to ride, walk or scoot to and from school.

Council is also offering a $200 Active Travel Rebate to all participating schools, and the chance to win some great prizes. For more information, contact us via Online Services.

The Bicycle Network advised that the City of Port Phillip achieved the highest percentage of participating schools in Victoria for this year’s event. A great result for our local community and Council. View the full article to find out more.

Walk to school month

Walk to School Month is a VicHealth initiative that encourages primary school students (and their parents) to get active by walking, riding or scooting to and from school this October.

Visit the official Walk to School website to access further information and free resources for your school.

For more information about getting your school involved in Walk to School Month, contact our Travel Choices Officer on

Funding opportunities

For more information about any of the following opportunities, including full eligibility criteria and a copy of the application form, contact the Travel Choices Officer via Online Services.

Active Travel Rebate

All primary and secondary schools in our City are eligible to apply for a $200 Active Travel Rebate per school term from Council. If you have an idea for an activity or initiative which encourages active travel to or from school, we encourage you to apply.

Examples of how some schools use their active travel rebate include:

  • Walk to School Month events
  • Healthy breakfasts as part of an active travel event or initiative
  • Active travel prizes, such as 'lucky ticket' prizes by school crossing supervisors.

Active Travel Matched Grant

Local primary and secondary schools can also apply for an Active Travel Matched Grant, valued at up to $2000 each. Funds received through this grant must be matched by the school.

The grant can be used for any approved purpose which supports more students to actively travel to school.

Common projects include:

  • Bike and scooter parking facilities
  • Bike education
  • Active paths - wayfinding footpath graphics along designated routes to school

Up to four Active Travel Matched Grants are available per year, with a maximum of one grant per school per year.

Bike education – instructor training

Bicycle Education ('Bike Ed') Instructor Training enables school staff and parents to develop the capabilities to teach school children the skills they need to ride safely and independently on roads and paths.

We can cover the course fees for your school's representatives to undertake this instructor training through Cycling Safe. Up to six Council-funded places are available per year, with a maximum of two per school.

More information about this training, including course dates and locations, can be found on Cycling Safe.

For a copy of the application form for Council-funded enrolments for Bike Ed instructor training, contact us via Online Services.

Find out more

To find out how we can support your school to participate in active travel, contact our Travel Choices Officer (Schools):

Online: Online Services
Phone: 03 8563 7891

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