Who to involve

Find out who to connect with and when in each stage of your project.


Council have teams across a variety of departments and units who can help you with your project. Whether your project is for a development or opening up a new business, Council are here to help.

Council can provide:

  • expert advice on your project, including whether a planning permit is needed
  • help and support with permit and approval processes.

Please contact us to get the right support for your project.

Architects and draftspersons

Architects and draftspersons design and prepare building plans. It's important to speak to them before you start your project.

These plans cover things like:

  • site plans or floorplans
  • documentation for permits and approvals.

You can ask your architect or draftsperson:

  • Do they know and understand the relevant Council’s policies and requirements?
  • Will they produce a high-quality design that will fit in with the character of the street?
  • Have they made sure the design minimises the impact on your neighbours?

Building surveyors

A building surveyor assesses both the design and construction of your building work.

They can issue building permits that allow work to happen. They also conduct the inspections to sign off each stage of construction.

There are two types of building surveyors:

  • a private surveyor that you appoint yourself
  • a municipal surveyor that Council appoints when you apply for a building permit.

Choose a building surveyor based on your needs and budget. To change a building surveyor, you need consent from the Victorian Building Authority.


Builders oversee, coordinate, and work on the construction of homes and other buildings.

They can help you apply for relevant construction permits with Council.

If you choose to be an owner builder, you'll have to:

  • get building permits
  • supervise or undertake building work
  • ensure the work meets building regulations and standards.

You'll also need a certificate of consent to be an owner-builder. The Victorian Building Authority can issue this.

Neighbours and the community

Depending on your proposal, neighbours and community members may be notified by Council about your project. They can provide feedback to Council on your plans and project.

This happens when Council advertises your application for a planning permit, if a planning permit is needed.

Read our living with construction guide for advice on how and when to talk to your neighbours.

Other useful contacts

There are other contacts which you can get additional information from.

Dial Before You Dig

This is a free national referral service. It helps in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s infrastructure networks.

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)

CAV provides information on:

  • planning your project
  • managing your building and renovating project
  • building defects, delays and insolvency.

They also provide helpful checklists and definitions.

Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV)

The DSCV is a free dispute resolution service. It’s funded by the Victorian Government.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)

ESV is a technical and safety regulator. They are responsible for the:

  • safe generation
  • supply
  • use of electricity, gas and pipelines.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade delivers fire and emergency management services. They also develop prevention programs that improve community safety and build resilience.

Parking permits

Visit parking permits to find out the types of permits available and if you’re eligible. You may need these during the planning process.

Planning Ahead

The Planning Ahead interactive map provides detailed property and planning information. This includes:

  • property area
  • planning zone
  • planning overlay
  • planning report.

Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria

They provide free services to help resolve disputes. Use this service to avoid the cost and time associated with courts and tribunals.

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

The VBA regulates building and plumbing practitioners. They provide helpful guides and information on the building and renovation process.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

You can appeal Council decisions on a planning permit application for your project in VCAT. The tribunal hears and decides civil cases and administrative cases.

Worksafe Victoria

They provide OHS and workers' compensation. Plus, deliver high-quality care and treatment to injured workers.

Help and support

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Planning team:

Online: My Port Phillip online services
Phone: 03 9209 6424
In person: visit the Planning & Building Counter at St Kilda Town Hall during opening hours (8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday)

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