Parking permits

Parking permits seek to manage and respond to supply and demand for parking, promote use of existing parking resources, encourage reduced car ownership and dependence and greater use of alternative, sustainable modes of transport.

What parking permits are available?

Residential parking permits

Residential parking permits enable you to park a vehicle displaying a valid permit in permit zones (either in the properties designate area or surrounding streets depending on when your permit was issued), allows you to park without time limits in green time restricted areas (must be longer than 30 minutes). It does not exempt you from clearways, no stopping, loading zones and any other red sign restrictions.

Combined Parking Permit
A combined permit is a resident and foreshore vehicle registration-based parking permit sticker that must be affixed to your vehicle windscreen. 

Foreshore Parking Permit
A foreshore permit is a vehicle registration-based parking permit sticker that must be affixed to your vehicle windscreen and exempts you from paying the fee at designated paid foreshore parking areas. Parking time limits must still be obeyed.

Resident Parking Permit
A resident permit is a vehicle registration-based permit sticker that must be affixed to your vehicle windscreen. 

Visitor Parking Permit
A visitor parking permit is a transferable permit that must be displayed on the dashboard of your visitors’ vehicle and is only valid when the visitor is attending your residential property. 

Other parking permits

Accessible Parking Permit
Disability Permits are now managed by VicRoads via the Department of Transport.

Community Service Permit
Allow an eligible worker to visit, by private vehicle, a residential property within the City of Port Phillip on official duties and be exempt from time-controlled and permit zone parking restrictions outside a residential property.

Foreshore Club Permit
Any member of an approved foreshore club or association shall be eligible to display a Foreshore Club Parking Permit, which exempts the holder from paying the appropriate fee at designated foreshore paid parking areas. Parking time limits must still be obeyed.

Musicians Loading
Allows the permit holder to park in loading zones adjacent to a music venue registered with Music Victoria for the purpose of loading or unloading equipment, exempt from time restrictions and paid parking fees.

Temporary Permit
Temporary parking permit allows people or organisations to park in specified areas for a short-term period for publicity events, filming, commercial or residential relocation (free of charge for residential relocation), goods and material deliveries, short-term relocation (up to 3 days maximum) and exempts users from time restrictions (green signs), paid parking areas and permit zones.

Tradesperson Parking Permit
A Tradesperson permit is a registration-based permit that allows a tradesperson to park their vehicle close to the residential property being serviced and be exempt from time-controlled, permit zone, paid parking and 'No Stopping Anytime – Permit Holders Excepted' parking restrictions in the relevant Residential Parking Area. A Tradesperson Permit can only be issued to a resident or tradesperson working at a residential property.

How much do permits cost?

Permit TypeCost 2021/2022
Combined parking permit (resident and foreshore)$126 per year
Foreshore club parking permit$110 per year
Foreshore parking permit$63 per year
Musicians loading parking permit (issued to venue)$81 per year
Resident parking permit$85 per year
Temporary parking permit$60 per space per day
Tradesperson parking permit$57 per year
Visitor parking permit$120 per year

How do I apply?

  1. Check the Near Me map to see if your property is eligible for residential permits
  2. apply online 
  3. provide the identification required 
  4. pay for your permit.

Note: each permit application must be made separately and is subject to the maximum number of permits the property is eligible for.

How long will it take to get a permit once I apply?

We are currently experiencing a high demand for parking permits and would like to thank you for your patience as we work to process these for you.

If you’ve applied online for a resident, combined resident and foreshore or foreshore permit, you will be covered for the first 60 days after we receive the application without needing to display the permit.

Visitor permits are only valid when displayed.

If you need a permit urgently, please visit the ASSIST counter at the St Kilda Town Hall

How do I display a permit?

The permit must be clearly displayed on the lower passenger side of the front windscreen with all permit details clearly visible.

  • If permits are not displayed correctly, they may not be visible to the parking enforcement officers and can lead to the vehicle receiving a parking infringement notice
  • parking infringement notices may not be withdrawn if a permit is not correctly displayed.

Permits must not be copied, reproduced or tampered with.

If we identify a case of parking permit misuse the matter may be referred to Victoria Police for investigation as a criminal offence.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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