We are currently experiencing a high demand for parking permits and would like to thank you for your patience as we work to process these for you.

If you’ve applied online for a resident, combined resident and foreshore or foreshore permit, you will be covered for the first 60 days after you have lodged your online application without needing to display the permit.

As visitor permits are only valid when displayed, if you urgently require a visitor permit, please attend a customer service counter during opening hours with your supporting documentation, and a visitor permit can be assessed and the permit issued on the spot.

How do I apply for a new parking permit?

Please visit the 'How do I apply for a parking permit?' webpage for all the information you need on how to apply.

Note: each permit application must be made separately and is subject to the maximum number of permits the property is eligible for.

How do I renew a parking permit?

Whilst existing permit data has been transferred to our new online service My Port Phillip, we do require all permits to be reapplied for with the correct supporting identification.  In many cases residents may not have been required to provide proof of residence or vehicle ownership for a number of years.  The new application process will enable us to ensure only those who are eligible for parking permits are able to apply and assist those who do experience difficulty in parking close to their home to find suitable parking more often.

Please visit the 'How do I apply for a Parking Permit' webpage for more information and support.

Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permits enable residents in eligible properties to park closer to their homes where there are parking restrictions in place more often. There are conditions of use applied to these permits and resident, visitor and the resident component of a combined parking permit are only to be used when visiting or attending the property the permit is issued to.

Permits are not to be used to visit other properties in the permit area or to attend businesses in the City of Port Phillip.

Misuse of permits may result in the cancellation of permits. Permits do not guarantee availability of parking.

Other parking permits available

How much do permits cost?

Parking permit typeCost (2021/22)
Combined (resident and foreshore)$126 per year
Foreshore club$110 per year
Foreshore$63 per year
Musicians loading (issued to venue)$81 per year
Resident$85 per year
Temporary$60 per day
Tradesperson$57 per week
Visitor$120 per year

If you hold an accepted concession card, you are entitled to the first permit free of charge and all subsequent permits for half price.

How many parking permits am I eligible for?

Use our parking permit eligibility checker to find out!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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