Work zone permit

A Work Zone permit is used to provide dedicated parking for workers' vehicles during the construction period.

A work zone should be located in front of the construction site, however Council may consider extending the Work Zones in front of other properties on a case-by-case basis.

Important information

  • Work zones should be located in front of the construction site, however Council may consider extending the Work Zones in front of other properties following an assessment of the situation.
  • The following hours of operation apply:
    • 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday,
    • 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday.
    • All clearway restrictions are overriding.
  • Vehicles parked in work zones not displaying the permit are liable for parking fines.
  • Payment must be made prior to the installation of work zone signage.
  • In existing paid parking areas, an additional costs apply.
  • A separate permit is required for the placement of skip bins or other construction equipment on public land.
  • Installation of work zone signage can take up to 10 business days.

Application requirements

The applicant is required to provide

  • a fully dimensioned site plan demonstrating the location and length of the subject site, together with the length of the proposed Work Zone and number of parking bays to be occupied.
  • a letter of consent from the adjacent property owners stating that they do not object to the proposed Work Zone in front of their premises (if applicable)

What does the permit cost?

Application fee - $119 plus

Permit fees:

  • 3-months or less - $1,494
  • 6-months - $2,988
  • 9-months - $5,969
  • 12-months - $5,750.00
  • Extension per bay, per month - $498
  • Additional parking bays, in excess of four, per bay, per month - $301
  • Additional costs may be applicable for metered/restricted parking - price on application.
  • Replacement work zone signage if damaged, lost, or stolen - $446.

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for a list of all permit fees and charges: Development Permits Fee Schedule 23/24FY (PDF 155 KB).

How do I lodge my application?

Follow these steps to apply online:

  1. Register or log in using registration details
  2. Apply for a permit
  3. Select permit type
  4. Address
  5. Lodge
  6. Confirmation - Accept terms and conditions of use
  7. Summary - Attach any required documents
  8. Payment - Securely pay by credit card

Alternatively, you can submit a Work Zone Permit Application form (PDF 112 KB) along with all required documents via email, post or in person. If your application is approved, the fee (if applicable) must be paid before the permit can be issued.

For advice, phone 03 9209 6216.

If assessment of the application determines it is appropriate to issue a permit, additional parking bay charges must be paid before the permit will be issued.

Applications take 10 business days to assess provided no further information or changes are required.

A card payment fee applies.

Work Zone signage removal

Before a work zone permit expires the permit-holder will be contacted to discuss the need to extend the permit. If no contact can be made the signage will be removed and the parking retained to the community.

Are any other permits required?

On most occasions during building works, you may need to use Council’s surrounding assets to work from or for placement or storage of material or equipment.

If so, you may be required to apply for permit approval. Permits may include: Skip Bin Permit, Street Occupation/Hoarding Permit, Road Closing Permit, Street Occupation Permit, Work Zone Permit, Asset Protection Permit, Out of Hours Permit.

More information

To ask us a question, request information or give us feedback, contact us. Ask for Development Permits.

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