Did you know your time starts when you stop?

Under the Victorian Road Rules your time in a parking space starts as soon as your vehicle stops in the parking bay.
Time spent in your car before getting out and paying for parking also counts toward the maximum time you can spend in a parking space (as indicated by the parking sign).
In order to keep the city moving, parking bay occupancy is monitored through in-ground sensors that are strictly enforced in order ensure parking spaces are shared equally. 

All Paid Parking machines in the City of Port Phillip only accept payments by credit / debit card. Customers may also pay for parking using the PayStay App. Coin payments at machines are no longer be accepted.


The PayStay app allows you to register and pay for parking via an app on your smartphone.

The PayStay app in the City of Port Phillip is a “user pays” system. Each transaction will incur an additional fee when paying for a parking session.

You can still pay for parking by card at any on-street ticket machine instead of using the PayStay app.

Pay by phone benefits for customers:

  • No cash required - no more searching for loose change or walking to parking machines.
  • Pay only what you need - start and stop parking sessions from the comfort of your car and only pay for the time you use.
  • Optional reminder services - choose to receive reminders 10 minutes before your parking session is about to expire.
  • Fees to use the app are counterbalanced by the fact PayStay allows the customer to only pay for the time they are parked.

For more information and how it works visit PayStay.

Paid Parking/Ticket machine locations and fees

To find where ticket machines are located and the parking fees that apply: Ticket Machine Tariff And Location Data (23/24 New Fees)

Maintaining Paid Parking/Ticket machines

Our ticket machines are regularly inspected and maintained by qualified technicians. Parking Officers also check machines to make sure they work correctly before issuing a parking fine.

Paid Parking/Ticket machine faults

Please report any ticket machine faults to the phone number listed on the machine. Each machine has a unique number. If the machine you try to use is not accepting payments, you need to find another machine close by to purchase a ticket, or you have the option of paying for parking with the PayStay App. If you can't use another machine or pay with the PayStay App, you risk receiving a fine. It is recommended you move your vehicle to another parking area.

To report a faulty ticket machine please call 03 9926 6692.

Request a Refund of Paid Parking fees

The onus is on you as the driver to purchase a paid parking session as soon as you park your vehicle. If using a Pay and Display Ticket machine, ensure the ticket is displayed face up on the dashboard with the expiry time and all other details visible to a parking officer from outside of the car. Check this before leaving your car.

When using a Pay by Plate ticket machine, please ensure the correct registration details are entered into the machine. Ensure you select the required parking time to suit your needs.

Refunds will not be issued if you select a longer parking time than what you need.

Any requests for a refund of fees paid for parking will only be approved if there is a confirmed fault with a ticket machine. Requests can be lodged online or you can call ASSIST on 03 9209 6777.

Paid Parking/Ticket machines

After parking your vehicle, check the applicable signs and locate the designated paid parking machine for the area. Follow the instructions on the machine to pay for the parking time you wish to use. Paid parking machines are set to default to the maximum fee. You have the ability to decrease or increase the parking time to the time you require. The onus is on you the driver to make payment for parking as soon as you park your car.

You cannot purchase another paid parking session or ticket to stay longer than the time permitted by the parking sign.

Once you have parked and paid for the maximum permitted time as shown on the parking sign, you must move your vehicle to another parking area.

Your parking time starts as soon as your car stops in the bay, whether or not you remain in the vehicle (for example, if you choose to finish a phone call before paying for parking and leaving your car). Your parking time does not start when you pay the parking fee.

Your parking time does not start or re-start when you buy a parking ticket or pay a parking meter. If your parking time has run out or is about to run out, you need to move your car to a new bay.