From the beginning of 2023, we will be phasing out our coin-pay options on paid parking machines across our City.

Once the coin option is removed, paid parking machines in the City of Port Phillip will accept payments by credit / debit card or through the PayStay application. Coins will no longer be accepted. For more on our cashless parking roll out see: Parking in Port Phillip is going cashless - City of Port Phillip


The PayStay app allows customers to register and pay for parking via an App on their smartphone.

From 1 June 2023, the PayStay App in the City of Port Phillip will change to a “user pays” system where each transaction will incur an additional fee when paying for a parking session.

Customers may still pay for parking by card at any on-street ticket machine if they choose not to use the PayStay App to pay for parking.

Pay by phone benefits for customers:

  • No cash required - no more searching for loose change or walking to parking machines.
  • Pay only what you need - start and stop parking sessions from the comfort of your car and only pay for the time you use.
  • Optional reminder services - choose to receive reminders 10 minutes before your parking session is about to expire.
  • Any costs to the customer of using the Pay by Phone service are counterbalanced by the fact PayStay allows the customer to only pay for the time they are parked.

For more information and how it works visit PayStay.

Ticket machine locations and fees

To find where ticket machines are located and the parking fees that apply, download ticket machine locations and fees (PDF 433 KB).

The list was last updated July 2021.

Maintaining ticket machines

Our ticket machines are regularly inspected and maintained by qualified technicians. Parking Officers also check machines to make sure they work correctly before issuing a parking infringement notice.

Ticket machine faults

Please report any ticket machine faults to the phone number listed on the machine. Each machine is distinctly numbered for ease of identification. You are still obliged to observe time restrictions if a meter is faulty.

To report a faulty ticket machine please call 03 9926 6692.

Refund of fees

Any requests for a refund of fees paid due to a fault with a ticket machine can be lodged online or you can call ASSIST on 03 9209 6777.

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