We send out rates notices in August each year with our rates brochure (PDF 824 KB), which is a snapshot of rates for the year and how they will be used.

Get a copy of your rates notice

Save paper, and access your notices online at anytime, anywhere. Use the eNotice code (at the top of your rates notice) and an email address to register for rates eNotices. Once registered, log in to download copies of your Rates notice.

If you do not have an eNotice account, you can apply for a copy of your rates notice. You can apply for the current year and back to 5 years ago only. We don't charge for a copy of the current year's notice. But we charge $12.50 per notice (plus a card surcharge fee) for previous years. You must prove that you are/were the property owner for that year by supplying your photo ID upon application. You can order this through your My Port Phillip account or as a guest user via the below.

Instructions on how to apply for a copy of a rates notice.

What’s included on your rates notice

Your rates notice includes property valuations, rates and charges.

Property valuation amounts

You will see 3 valuations on your notice:

  • Site Value (SV) – the market value of the land (only). This is used by the State Revenue Office to calculate land tax.
  • Capital Improved Value (CIV) – the market value of the land, plus buildings and other improvements. The CIV is the approximate amount you could expect to sell your property for on the open market. We use this value to calculate your rates.
  • Net Annual Value (NAV) – prescribed or current value of the property’s net annual rent. We previously used NAV to calculate rates.

Find out more by visiting property valuations and your rates.

Rates and charges

General rates

The Capital Improved Value (CIV) of your property divided by the rate in the dollar for your type of property.

Waste charges for services

The cost of delivering waste management services is now separate from general rates.

On your rates notice all rateable properties will have a charge of $198.20 to fund our existing and new waste management services and accommodate for the increases to the state landfill levy.

Single-unit dwellings will also have a charge of $66 for the convenience of having their own kerbside Food and Organic Waste (FOGO) bin.

If you have asked for a larger size bin you will see a charge on your notice. Find out about bin sizes and costs.

Fire Services Property Levy

This levy funds Victoria’s fire services. All Victorian councils collect it for the Victorian Government. To find out more go to State Revenue Office: Fire Services Property Levy.

For information on Victorian concessions, call the Concession Information Line on 1800 658 521.

Rates cap

The rates cap does not mean that your rates will go up by the rates cap amount, but that the total general rates revenue collected by council will increase by the rates cap.

Your rates bill may go up or down depending on several things, including the change in the value of your property and the type of property you own. Find out more at property valuations and your rates.

Rebates and other charges

Waste charge for non-rateable properties

A $436 annual waste charge will apply to non-rateable properties that use our waste management services.

This charge covers the full cost of waste and cleaning services, including street cleaning and litter bin collections.

240 litre waste bin service charge

If you have opted for the larger, 240 litre waste bin, you'll see a charge of $248.

This charge reflects the higher costs of waste that goes to landfill. It supports the objectives in our Waste Strategy to change behaviour to recycle more and send less to landfill.

You can get a free upgrade to a 240 litre recycling bin to help.

80 litre waste bin rebate

Is yours a low waste household? You can get a $80 rebate by switching to the 80 litre bin from the standard 120 litre bin.

Private waste collection rebate (residential)

Some residential developments use a private waste collection service. This is usually because our trucks cannot access the development due to narrow streets. A $68 rebate applies in these situations.

The amount is a partial rebate of the waste charge because residents of these properties can access communal glass and FOGO, hard and green waste collection, and the Resource Recovery Centre services.

Commercial car park space and storage area waste charge

There are about 5,300 rateable properties that will have a waste charge of $19.80. These properties fall into 2 main categories:

  • Private residential car parks or storage areas that are sold in a package with a residential property but have a separate title.
  • Private commercial carpark spaces separately rated from the main property.

Paying your rates

You can pay your rates once a year or in instalments. Payment options include phone, online, BPAY, or in person.
Pay your rates.

Find out how we support ratepayers who find it hard to pay on time.
Rates concessions and hardship relief.

For businesses in Port Phillip, we run support programs.

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