Port Phillip Multifaith Network

The Port Phillip Multifaith Network comprises of representatives from a variety of religions and faith groups in the City of Port Phillip. The network meets on a bi-monthly basis and is concerned with inclusivity, spiritual health and wellbeing, social justice and re-imagining religion.

The City of Port Phillip’s Multifaith Network facilitates discussion between spiritual and faith leaders and representatives. The Network operates in collaboration with Council officers and the Council to promote interfaith dialogue and advise Council on all issues relating to interfaith and faith communities in the City.

The Network's vision statement is: 

To draw on the wisdom of spiritual values of our diverse traditions in fostering an inclusive, respectful and compassionate people of Port Phillip.

To lean more go to the Port Phillip Multifaith Network Terms of Reference

What does inter or multifaith mean?

Interfaith refers to cooperative and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions, at both the individual and broader level. Interfaith dialogue often involves promoting understanding between different religions to increase 'tolerance' towards others. The aim is to derive a common group belief that there are more similarities between faiths than differences.

A stronger sense of true community acceptance, respect, diversity for all:

  • Learning about each other's faiths, perspectives, and stories
  • Opportunities for the community to express and participate in interfaith and multifaith experiences, such as celebrations, initiations and ritual
  • Opportunities for people who may not see themselves as 'spiritual' to investigate that side of their lives through festivals, classes, service projects, and collective worship
  • Express the unity of local people of faith without diminishing the uniqueness of each tradition
  • Nurture dialogue between people
  • Creation of more connections
  • Openness of heart, generosity of spirit, and inclusive of all differences

Multifaith network activities and events

Welcoming Week 2023 

Sharing voices: belonging, harmony and spirituality 

Sharing voices is presented by the Port Phillip Multifaith Network and friends. This event marks the celebration of Welcoming Week (8 to 17 September), the International Day of Peace (21 September) and the Season of Creation (beginning 1 September).

The event is a part of our Welcoming Week festivities and will feature an afternoon of music, art, stories and conversations related to the themes of power of place and spirituality.

For more information and for the full event program, check out our Welcoming Week 2023: discover the 'Power of Port Phillip' news article.

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