Line marking of parking spaces

It is standard practice within the City of Port Phillip that parking spaces on residential streets are not line-marked.

On-street parking bays are required to be line marked to specific dimensions, in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 2890.5-1993. The standard does not recognise small vehicles, which may result in a net loss of spaces once line marked.

Requests for line marking

If you wish to have line marking of parking spaces installed on a residential street, support for the proposal must be shown to Council, in the form of a jointly signed letter signed by a minimum of five residents of the street. Letters should be addressed to:

Transport Safety Engineering
Private Bag 3
St Kilda VIC 3182


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On receipt of a jointly signed letter, a notification letter will be distributed to all affected frontages advising of the proposal, and should there be no major objections from residents, the line marking of parking bays will be implemented.

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